JuiceMeter - Universal Energy Meter
JuiceMeter - Universal Energy Meter, image 2
JuiceMeter - Universal Energy Meter, image 2
JuiceMeter - Universal Energy Meter, image 2


WiFi enabled Energy Meter for JuiceNet Solar

  • Maximizes solar energy consumption to charge your EV and increases energy savings
  • Easy installation
Common price: $149.00 Our price: $149.00 each + FREE shipping
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eMotorWerks JuiceMeter is a small electric metering device that enables JuiceNet solar charging functionality, allowing you to drive on sunshine produced by your solar panels (or any other JuiceNet-compatible renewable generation source).

  • JuiceMeter optimizes solar EV charging: JuiceMeter tracks real-time energy output from your solar photovoltaic array and manages your EV charging second-by-second to maximize usage of local solar energy to charge your car.

  • JuiceMeter is compatible with all JuiceNet devices: JuiceMeter is compatible with any JuiceNet-enabled EVSE, including JuiceNet partner stations and our JuiceBox Pro stations.

  • Load Group control and solar optimization: Once JuiceMeter is installed, you can add your JuiceMeter and your JuiceNet EVSE to a Load Group, JuiceMeter will optimize solar EV charging.

  • JuiceMeter is easy to install and set up: JuiceMeter is installed in your electrical panel, connecting to any electrical breaker and clamping a split-core current transformer on the output lines of your solar inverter. Upon the first power-up, JuiceMeter is provisioned in the same way as any other JuiceNet device. It should ideally be installed at the same time as your JuiceNet charging station.

  • Energy SavingsIn addition to utilizing more solar energy to charge your car, if  you live in a jurisdiction without compensation at your full retail utility rate for your solar generation, such as Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, etc, then JuiceNet for Solar can save you hundreds of dollars per year.

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How do I install the JuiceMeter?

You can find the installation instructions in our Support portal.

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