SmartCharge-12000 - a 12kW Universal Voltage EV Charger

$2,299.99 each Weight: 25 lb
Width: 12 in
Length: 12 in
Height: 12 in
J1772 inlet cableInformation

EMotorWerks SmartCharge-12000 - a 12kW Universal Input / Output PFC charger

Dimensions: 14in. x 14in. x 14in. Weight: 25lb.

Depending on configuration, item ships within 1 - 2.5 weeks. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' for specifics. Ships anywhere!

If you prefer, order or inquire via phone: (844) 584-2329, ext. 0, 10AM to 7PM pacific time.


Fully assembled and tested charger unit, ready to plug in. Any input / any output voltage. Uses two power conversion stages for truly universal charging from any source into any battery.


Based on the latest version of our 12kW / 100A Charger design. We have put over 500 hours into the design of this charger - over ~15 iterations. This 12kW charger is currently the most advanced high-power smart EV battery charger. For more details on design and specs, see our Quick Start Guide, and our Charging Systems page

Compare at $4,000+ for much less flexible, non-programmable chargers sold elsewhere...


Starting mid-2014, we ship only PFC versions of our SmartCharge-12000. Why PFC? In a nutshell, in order to provide universal voltage output and input, we need 2 stages in our charger - an upfront booster and a downstream down-converter. Since we already have a booster, we can provide PFC functionality at no additional charge. The side benefit is higher utilization of AC source. If you do not have PFC stage, you might not be able to draw full 30Amps AC from the 30-amp charging station, especially if you have a high-voltage battery. The battery packs we use here at EMotorWerks are all 300V+ high-performance packs so we needed a reliable PFC stage for our chargers. And now we are offering the design used in our cars to you.


Automated control via serial UART interface is now also possible, with a number of customers currently integrating these chargers into their EV, solar, and battery backup systems. The charger can also operate as a centerpiece of your CHAdeMO charging system - with optional CHAdeMO controller and CHAdeMO plug & cord. For details, see below for "related products"


PS. we get a lot of questions on whether using something like this with Nissan Leaf will degrade batteries. Some good news in that department: Executive summary is that in a long-term controlled test, the car that was always quick-charged experienced only 2% higher range loss over 40,000 miles driven compared to the car always charged at 3.3kW.


Power up via J1772 at any L2 charging station! Select the "J1772 inlet cable" option to receive an inlet cable for charging off of any EVSE - home or public.

You can also plug in directly to a standard 14-50 outlet! Select the "14-50 to J1772" option to receive a 6FT 14-50 to J1772 direct cable.


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