DC Charger
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InRush Protection
InRush Protection
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DC Charger, image 5
DC Charger, image 5
InRush Protection
InRush Protection

DC Charger

Universal Voltage Chargers, for EV Application & more

  • High-power EV battery charger
  • Configurable input / output voltage
  • Fully assembled and tested
  • 12kW & 25kW designs available
  • PFC available
  • Automated control via serial UART
  • Control via on-board color LCD & buttons
  • Boost & Buck topologies available
  • Input Configurations: AC single & three phase, DC
QuickCharge - 25000 Buck
QuickCharge - 25000 Boost
SmartCharge - 12000
J1772 Inlet & Wire
Free each
* ships within 3-5 business days

eMotorWerks DC Charger offerings come in different variants:

SmartCharge 12kW: A universal PFC (power factor correction) charger with customizable electrical input and output. SmartCharge uses two power conversion stages for universal charging from nearly any electrical source into most any EV battery. Configured for DC or AC single/three phase input, up to 50A RMS. Output power up to 12kW.

QuickCharge 25kW: This design uses only one power conversion stage, so the efficiency is even higher than our 12kW chargers – this allows us to keep the same small profile of the unit as our 12kW units. That's over 25 W / in^3 power density! Configured for DC or AC three phase input, up to 100A RMS. Output power up to 35kW.

Universal Product Features (SmartCharge and QuickCharge):

  • Fully programmable: Our DC chargers can be programmed for nearly any input / output current / voltage at any time, eliminating the need for factory settings.

  • J1772 support with automatic power regulation: Our DC chargers read and interpret the J1772 pilot signal & limits maximum power draw to the one suggested by the EVSE. Multiple chargers can be run in parallel, controlled by one head unit.

  • Temperature resistant: Thermal output derating above 55C heatsink temperature. Inductor temperature sensing.

  • Flexible battery settings: Set number of batteries / capacity through a simple-to-use interface; an on-board LCD with buttons, or serial UART digital interface.

  • Cooling systems: Air-cooled enclosure design, fans and venting for optimal airflow over inductors.

  • Modular: Highly modular design of PCBs and connectors allows rapid swaps and removal of boards when repair or service is needed.

  • Advanced controls: Circuitry and firmware for precharge, optimized for stability. Automatic 120/240V switching, under-voltage protection.

  • Additional features: BMS stop-charge TTL input. End-of-Charge TTL output. Hardware current limiting.

  • Made in the USA: From domestic and imported parts.

  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty: Service available for non-intrinsic faults, past warranty period.

Please see the following documents for additional information: SmartCharge-12000 User Guide.

Any additional questions? Inquiries about a custom application, or development opportunities? Please reach out to us using our contact form.

Input Voltage AC
SmartCharge-12000: 100VAC to 260VAC single/three phase (standard); up to 600VAC 3-phase as option
QuickCharge-25000: 100VAC to 260VAC three phase (boost); 260VAC to 480VAC three phase (buck); up to 600VAC 3-phase as option
Input Voltage DC
100VDC to 425VDC (standard); up to 800VDC as option
Input Current
SmartCharge-12000: up to 50A RMS
QuickCharge-25000: up to 100A RMS
Output Сurrent
up to 70A (standard); up to 100A as option for lower voltage batteries
Output Power
SmartCharge-12000: up to 12kW
QuickCharge-25000: up to 35kW
Output Voltage
SmartCharge-12000: 12VDC - 350VDC (standard); up to 800V as option
QuickCharge-25000 Buck: 12VDC - 270VDC (standard, from 240VAC single-phase input); up to 750VDC as option (from 600V 3-phase)
QuickCharge-25000 Boost: 340VDC to 450VDC (standard); up to 800V as option
Input / Output termination
AWG6 + Anderson SB50, CHAdeMO (see CHAdeMO charging station)
Charge Controller
Automatic pre-programmed charge profile, LCD + buttons manual control, automatic Serial UART control, CHAdeMO (see CHAdeMO charging station)
Boost + Buck
14 x 11 x 9 inches (H, W, D - main enclosure)
Volume, cubic inch
~25 lbs
Power density, W/in^3
SmartCharge-12000: 12
QuickCharge-25000: 18

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In the package, you will receive:

  • Universal Voltage EV Charger, Variant and Voltage according to your specification.
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Anderson Connectors (50A and/or 100A)
  • Inrush current limiters (resistors)
  • Terminal Set
  • Serial communication cables


Will my battery degrade after using this unit?

In long-term controlled tests, electric vehicles using DC quick charge experienced only 2% higher range loss over 40,000 miles driven compared to cars always charged via AC at 3.3kW. Learn more here.

Is this unit rated for outdoor use?

This charger is not rated for outdoor use, and will need to be installed in an enclosure with adequate ventilation for outdoor use.

Can this charger design be liquid cooled?

The internal component set of this charger is designed with the ability to mount on a liquid cooling plate in mind, but we do not offer liquid cooling as a default product, as it is not necessary nor beneficial for common applications. If you have an application requiring liquid cooling, please contact us to discuss your specifics.

Can you provide more clarification examples?
  • Consider an EV Conversion with a 120V battery pack. SmartCharge-12000 output in this case will be limited by the max output current of 70A (in the standard build), or ~8.4kW.
  • You are looking for a 25kW CHAdeMO charger with 3-phase 415V input designed to charge a Nissan Leaf or any other CHAdeMO compatible EV. The input peak voltage is 415V * 1.4 = ~600V. Nissan Leaf pack peak voltage is ~400V. Therefore, the right charger choice is QuickCharge-25000 Buck. The output power will be limited to max power rating of 25kw since neither input current limit (100A, or ~65kW) nor output current limit (100A, or ~40kW) would be a factor. Please see our CHAdeMO Charging Station [link to product] product for this application.
  • For QuickCharge-25000 Buck, upper limit on output voltage can be calculated as [peak input phase-to-phase voltage MINUS 70V]. In case of DC input peak = average. In case of AC input, peak = 1.4 * RMW phase-to-phase voltage.
  • For QuickCharge-25000 Boost, lower limit on output voltage is equal to the peak input voltage. For DC, this = input voltage. For AC, this = 1.4 * input RMS phase-to-phase voltage.
How do I set up my charger for CHAdeMO?

If you already have one of our DC chargers, you will need to add to it a CHAdeMO controller, and a CHAdeMO cable & plug.

If you are ordering a DC charger now, and want to use this charger to charge an EV via CHAdeMO, please see our CHAdeMO Charging Station product.

How can I configure my charger to take J1772 Input?

Our DC chargers are already configured internally (electrically) to take SAE J1772 input, but for actually plugging in to the DC charger you will need the “J1772 Inlet Cable” option located in above options menu.

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