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QuickCharge-25000 Buck - a 25kW charger (buck version)

$2,599.00 each Weight: 11.22 kg
Width: 11.22 m
Length: 11.22 m
Height: 11.22 m
Input Voltage Type

EMotorWerks QuickCharge-25000 LV - a 25kW charger (up to 40kW when used from a DC input!) 

This is a non-PFC version of QuickCharge-25000 that is optimized for LOWER-VOLTAGE batteries (DC output up to 1.35x input RMS AC voltage).

Item ships within 1.5 - 2 weeks.
If you prefer, order or inquire via phone: (844) 584-2329, ext. 0, 10AM to 7PM pacific time.
See our Charging Systems Page for detailed specs on all our DC charger models!


On December 11, 2013, EMotorWerks has announced availability of a new revolutionary product for EV Converters and anyone who needs to charge their high-capacity batteries at super-high speeds that EMotorWerks has become well known for. Only this time, we are taking the bar even higher - way higher! You can now charge your packs at full 25kW power - this is ~80 miles of range per hour of charge for a typical EV! 


The unit can be configured for operation from 3-phase 400-600VAC input - as well as DC input up to 800VDC, without any changes!


This unit has the same full microprocessor control that the our 12kW units have – with interface via a color LCD and user buttons. Automated control via serial UART interface is now also possible, with a number of customers currently integrating these chargers into their EV systems. For comparison across multiple models of our DC Charging Systems, check out this page


The charger can also operate as a centerpiece of your CHAdeMO charging system - with optional CHAdeMO controller and CHAdeMO plug & cord. For details, see below for 'related products'. Here is a short video demonstrating 44kW stress-testing of this unit as a CHAdeMO charger for Nissan Leaf:


This design uses only one power conversion stage, so the efficiency is even higher than our 12kW chargers – up to 97%! This allows us to keep the same small profile of the unit as our 12kW units - all 25kW fit into a 11x11x8" box - beautifully machined and powder coated in black. That's over 25 W / in^3 power density!


There is only one limitation – you can only charge battery packs with end-of-charge voltage below the peak of the rectified AC wave (~340V from the 240VAC supply). Note that if the unit is configured for higher input voltage (e.g., 400 o 600VAC), maximum battery voltage also rises to [1.4 times input RMS voltage].


Specific level of maximum battery voltage depends on the nature of the input supply. For single-phase AC, battery end-of-charge voltage (aka CV cut-off voltage) will have to be 1.25 - 1.30 times input RMS voltage. For 3-phase AC, you can go all the way up to 1.35 * V_rms. For DC input, you can go up to 0.97*V_input (assuming no voltage sag on the input; real-world performance will vary depending on the source - for example, LiFePo4 batteries can experience 5-10% sag at 1C discharge rate).

To give you a quick example, if the charger is fed from 400VAC 3-phase input (570VDC rectified), the maximum end-of-charge battery voltage will be ~550VDC


If you are interested, get your order in today - these are built to order so there is a lead time of ~2 weeks.

Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime at charger at emotorwerks dot com if you have any questions.



  1. Input AC voltage: 100VAC-250VAC (standard model), 100VAC-600VAC (HV-input model) - single or 3-phase. DC input possible without any mods

  2. Output DC voltage: ~30V to 1.35 * input RMS voltage (see above for details)

  3. Output power: up to 25kW (higher from DC input)

  4. Output current: up to 100A

  5. Input current: up to 100A

  6. Efficiency: up to 97%

  7. Weight: 25 lbs

  8. Dimensions: 11x11x8" main module. For AC input voltage options, add 4" to one side of the charger - combined footprint 15x11x8"


Note that if you want to use any of our chargers for CHAdeMO charging, you will also need to get a CHAdeMO controller and CHAdeMO cable & plug assembly - both sold through our site, as well.

Finally, we get a lot of questions on whether using something like this with Nissan Leaf will degrade batteries. Some good news in that department: http://green.autoblog.com/2014/03/17/dc-fast-charging-not-as-damaging-to-ev-batteries-as-expected/. Executive summary is that in a long-term controlled test, the car that was always quick-charged experienced only 2% higher range loss over 40,000 miles driven compared to the car always charged at 3.3kW. 

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