CHAdeMO (TM) Controller

$699.00 each Weight: 4 lb
Width: 8 in
Length: 12 in
Height: 3 in
CHAdeMO (TM) Cable & PlugInformation

NEW: CHAdeMO (TM) - compatible charge controller for EMotorWerks DC Chargers

We are very happy to announce current availability of the product that many of you have been waiting for - a CHAdeMO-compatible charge controller. Now you can have an affordable charger that will charge your Nissan Leaf / Mitsubishi Mi-EV / any other car / motorcycle that uses CHAdeMO protocol - at up to 25kW from an AC source, up to 40kW from a DC source. 

This means a Nissan Leaf recharge from 0% to 80% in just 45 minutes!

This controller works in conjunction with any of our DC charging systems - SmartCharge-12000, QuickCharge-25000, or ISOCharge-20000. Generally speaking, you would select QuickCharge unit for cars, SmartCharge for motorcycles. ISOCharge unit is universal and also provides higher degree of safety due to full galvanic isolation.

The controller will be packaged in a separate 11x7x3" metal enclosure. The unit contains all the measurement & control circuitry, a high-power relay, and safety interlock systems necessary for safe CHAdeMO-compatible charging operation. 

You will also need to buy / source a CHAdeMO cable to connect to the controller. We are currently working on making it available at reasonable price level (the 'official' CHAdeMO cables retail for $2,700 per unit at this point). You can already pre-order this in our store

This CHAdeMO-compatible charge controller is available NOW with 4-6 week lead time (built to order) - place your order now to get in line. 

If you are into the technical side of this product, check out the following resources:

  1. MyNissanLeaf forum which inspired us to do this
  2. YouTube video showing the first successful charge of a Nissan Leaf using a SmartCharge-12000 and a prototype of this controller
  3. YouTube video showing charging a Nissan Leaf from a Toyota RAV4 EV using a SmartCharge-12000 and a prototype of this controller
  4. YouTube video of Valery's presentation at SFBayLeafs Feb 2014 meeting on EMotorWerks charging systems 

We will be posting more of these very very soon.

Thank you for supporting EV revolution. Go Electric!


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