CHAdeMO (TM) Cable & Plug

$899.00 each Weight: 11.22 lb
Width: 11.22 in
Length: 11.22 in
Height: 11.22 in


NEW: CHAdeMO (TM) - compatible Cable & Plug for EMotorWerks DC Chargers

We at EMotorWerks are happy to announce upcoming availability of this true breakthrough in creativity and collaboration among Open Source enthusiasts - a CHAdeMO-compatible Cable and Plug! 

Those in the know on CHAdeMO-compatible hardware know that the official version of the plug and cable from Japanese suppliers runs ~$2,500 per set. This is more than EMotorWerks CHAdeMO compatible charger itself!

To address this issue, we have teamed up with some brilliant fellow Open Source enthusiasts to make a 3D-printed version of the plug available for general purchase at less than 1/3rd of the 'official' cost. 

Needless to say, this is a non-certified, non-approved, for your experimentation / education only product. But it works! You can see a number of videos on our YouTube channel where this device is used to charge CHAdeMO compatible cars. It has been extensively tested at power levels up to 50kW.

Help support Open Source EV revolution by buying one of these along with our CHAdeMO-compatible DC Charging systems and enjoy up to 25kW DC charging on your compatible car!

This listing includes 12 feet of 100A CHAdeMO cable (AWG2 power conductors) and a 3D printed plug - all appropriately terminated. 

Available May 2014

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