Mini-SmartCharge - 12000
Mini-SmartCharge - 12000, image 2
Mini-SmartCharge - 12000, image 3
Mini-SmartCharge - 12000, image 3
Mini-SmartCharge - 12000, image 3
Mini-SmartCharge - 12000, image 3

MiniSmart Charge, 12000

12kW Compact Universal Voltage EV Charger

  • Highest power density EV Charger available
  • Designed for use with Zero electric motorcycles
  • Optimized for any EV integration or EV project
  • Configurable: any input / output voltage
  • Fully assembled and tested
  • Automated control via serial UART
  • Input Configurations: AC single phase, DC
  • PFC
  • IP65, fully sealed
FTDI Programming Cable
J1772 Inlet & Wire
Common price: $3,799.00 Our price: $3,299.00 each
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This product is essentially our SmartCharge-12000 product, repackaged into half of the volume and ruggedized to meet the challenges of the exposed environments. Originally designed to fit the fake fuel tank of the Zero motorcycle, this charger measures just 10x7x8" which makes it the most power-dense unit available on the market today.

This version of the charger is fully sealed, with IP65 level of environmental protection. While we do not recommend applications involving immersion in water, this unit is designed to be perfectly happy with occasional splashdowns. Due to this degree of environmental protection, this version of the charger is controlled / programmed only via serial link. Details on Serial control are available from our QuickStart Guide. A 1-foot shielded cable is provided to allow such control. You will need an FTDI cable to connect to the charger via any terminal software.

Power up via J1772 at any L2 charging station! Select the "J1772 inlet cable" option to receive an inlet cable for charging off of any EVSE - home or public.

Please note that 12kW power rating can be achieved only when the battery voltage is higher than 170V as the max output current is limited to 70A.

  • Fully programmable and open-source:Charger can be programmed for any input / output current / voltage at any time in field. Factory setting is not necessary, but ask us for pre-set. Control via serial UART.

  • J1772 support with automatic power regulation:Charger reads and interprets the J1772 pilot signal & limits max power draw to the one suggested by the EVSE. Multiple chargers can be run in parallel, controlled by one simple head unit.

  • Temperature resistant: Thermal output derating above 55C heatsink temperature. Inductor temperature sensing.

  • Flexible battery settings: Set number of batteries, capacity through a simple-to-use interface.

  • Designed with EV Integration in mind: IP65 weather sealed enclosure, limited airflow surface area air cooling system, low weight and minimal dimensions.

  • Highly modular design of PCBs and connectors allows rapid swaps and removal of boards when repair / service is needed.

  • Circuitry and firmware for precharge, automatic 120/240V switching, under-voltage protection.

  • Firmware optimized for stability.

  • Additional features: BMS stop-charge TTL input. End-of-Charge TTL output. Hardware current limiting.

  • Made in the USA: From domestic and imported parts.

Please see the following docs for more information:

Mini-SmartCharge-12000 Installation Guide (in Zero motorcycle).

Mini-SmartCharge-12000 User (Operation) Guide.

Mini-SmartCharge-12000 Installation Guide.

In the News:, CleanTechnica, InsideEVs, AutoBlog.

Any additional questions? Inquiries about a custom application, or development opportunities? Please reach out to us using our contact form.

Input Voltage AC
0VAC to 277VAC single phase
Input Voltage DC
12VDC to 400VDC
Input Current
up to 50A RMS
Output Сurrent
up to 70A
Output Power
up to 12kW
Output Voltage
0VDC - 360VDC
Input / Output termination
AWG6 + Anderson SB50 + SBS75X (110A)
Charge Controller
Automatic pre-programmed charge profile, automatic Serial UART control
12 x 7 x 8 inches (H, W, D - main enclosure)
Volume, cubic inch
~25 lbs
Power density, W/in^3
Operating temperature
Cutback at 65C; OT shutdown at 70C

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In the package, you will receive:

Mini SmartCharge-12000, featuring:

  • Red AC/DC input cables ending in a brown SBS75X for power input (from J1772 or other input source).
  • Black/red DC output cable pair ending in red Anderson SB50 connector.
  • Serial communications line

Standard Convenience Accessories:

  • Mounting retainer bracket & J-bolt fasteners, with locknuts
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Integration/Installation Manual


Will my battery degrade after using this unit?

In a long-term controlled test, the car that was always quick-charged experienced only 2% higher range loss over 40,000 miles driven compared to the car always charged at 3.3kW. Learn more here.

How do I go about integrating this charger with a Zero Motorcycle?

Please see this document for a walkthrough.

Where can I find more in depth technical use information? Where can I find more information on your serial communications protocol?

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