Mini-SmartCharge - 12000

Common price: $3,799.00 Our price: $3,299.00 each Weight: 25 lb
Width: 14 in
Length: 14 in
Height: 7 in
FTDI Programming CableInformation
J1772 inlet cableInformation

eMotorWerks Mini-SmartCharge-12000 - a compact version of our 12kW Universal Input / Output PFC charger

Input: 0-270VAC, 0-400VDC. Output: 0-360VDC
Dimensions: 12in. x 7in. x 8in. Weight: 25lb.
Depending on configuration, item ships within 1 - 2.5 weeks. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' for specifics. Ships anywhere!
If you prefer, order or inquire via phone: (844) 584-2329, ext. 0, 10AM to 7PM pacific time.

This product is essentially our SmartCharge-12000 product, repackaged into half of the volume and ruggedized to meet the challenges of the exposed environments. Originally designed to fit the fake fuel tank of the Zero motorcycle, this charger measures just 10x7x8" which makes it the most power-dense unit available on the market today.

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For motorcycle applications, this charger allows long-distance travel for the first time! Note that for motorcycle applications, you will have to purchase through our exclusive distributor, DigiNow - please contact them here. In addition to the great knowledge of the electric motorcycle technology, DigiNow crew has created a handy control board and app add-on to this charger - which simplifies in-field monitoring and programming of the system.


This version of the charger is fully sealed, with IP65 level of environmental protection. While we do not recomment the immersion applications, this unit should be perfectly happy with occasional splashdowns. Due to this degree of environmental protection, this version of the charger is controlled / programmed only via serial link. Details on Serial control are available from our QuickStart Guide (accessible from the SmartCharge-12000 product page linked above). A 1-foot shielded cable is provided to allow such control. You would need an FTDI cable to connect to the charger via any terminal software (see related products in our store or buy elsewhere).


Power up via J1772 at any L2 charging station! Select the "J1772 inlet cable" option to receive an inlet cable for charging off of any EVSE - home or public.

You can also plug in directly to a standard 14-50 outlet! Select the "14-50 to J1772" option to receive a 6FT 14-50 to J1772 direct cable.

Note that 12kW power rating can be achieved only when the battery voltage is higher than 170V as the max output current is limited to 70A.


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