Accessories for EV Charging Stations

Shop for cables, adapters, plugs and other accessories for your EV charging station

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J1772 Extension Cable 40A, 20-foot $209.00 each
JuiceBox Carrying Case Carry JuiceBox while traveling $54.95$49.95 each
Electric Plug Adapters Plug your JuiceBox in anywhere $69.00 each
Input Extension Cable NEMA 14-50, 5 foot $69.99 each
J1772 Cable & Plug 40A, 25FT $199.00 each
Mounting Bracket for JuiceBox $29.99 each
Rainproof Outdoor Outlet 14-50 RV outlet $59.00 each
Input Cable for any level 2 charging station $29.00 each
J1772 Plug Holder to store J1772 cable $19.99 each
License Frame "Beyond Petroleum" $14.99 each
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