J1772 extension 50A 20-foot cable for our JuiceBox® or any level 2 charging station

$199.00 each
Weight: 5 lb
Width: 14 in
Length: 14 in
Height: 6 in

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Order via phone: (844) 584-2329, ext. 0, 10AM to 7PM pacific time.


Have you ever been ICEd and could not charge because the cable from the station you wanted to use could not reach your car? Or has your parking situation changed and it would be nice to have an extension for the EVSE you have mounted already? Did you buy another EV and want to use the EVSE you have for both of them without having to move the cars around?


These are problems we've experienced ourselves. Here's our solution - a fully compliant 50-amp 20FT J1772 plug with heavy-duty outdoor cable (3 power conductors, 2 pilot conductors). It is a perfect addition to your JuiceBox or any level 2 charging station.


Have additional questions about your JuiceBox installation or our installation packages? Please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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