J1772 Cable & Plug - 40A 25FT UL SAE J1772, as used in JuiceBox®

$179.00 each

A Fully Compliant and UL certified J1772 cable & plug for EVSE and EV applications

  • Strong & Flexible EV Cable, 25FT in length, #8 AWG (2), #10 AWG (2), 23mm OD max.
  • UL Rated (UL 2251), SAE J1772 Compliant, IP44 (NEMA 3S) weather resistant, 40A 240V continuous UL rated, 600V + jacketing
  • 10000 + Mating Cycle Rating, 20-30 Avg. Year Lifespan
  • Widely Used in EVSE & Charging Industry, Preferred Cable of JuiceBox Charging Systems
  • Generation 2, Rev. C (Latest Update)
  • Model: ITT CANNON J2CE4021-25

In the package, you will receive:

  • Brand New 40A, 25FT J1772 Cable & Plug. Packaged from factory as shown above, with uncut snub-end.
  • Please note J1772 Mount is not included.

Product Images:






Fine Print

  • Please note this product is not sold with any implicit warranty from Electric Motor Werks, and is not a supported product. That said, we are glad to offer advice in any installation or modification process. 
  • This cable & plug is not intended to be a warrantied replacement part for the JuiceBox, though it can definitely be used for replacement in JuiceBox systems.
  • This assembly is guaranteed to be in completely new condition 
  • For large (10+) orders, please contact us at "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".


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