Get paid for Charging Your EV.

How does it work?

Keep your car plugged in to be

We time your charge to the cleanest power on the grid, earning you JuicePoints, while ensuring your car is at maximum charge when you need it.

You redeem JuicePoints for cash and prizes!

If you live in California, you may be eligible to earn cash rewards and get a $100 rebate on purchases.

Want to know more about juicepoints? Read on ...

  • arrowOur JuiceNet® platform communicates with regional power companies' grid management systems and is notified when energy needs spike and dirty peak-load power plants are activated.
  • arrowOn such events, we modulate charging power levels until the grid's electricity load has dropped sufficiently to avoid needing dirty power. This happens automatically, while ensuring your car is fully charged before you need it.
  • arrowBy conserving grid energy at these critical moments, we reduce demand for dirty power, for which grid operators share savings with us...which we then share with you!! The cool part is this all happens automatically, without you needing to lift a finger...all you need to do is qualify for the program: Qualifications to Participate

Our Electric Service Partners

In addition to the rewards program areas above, you may also be eligible for very generous rewards and incentives if you are a customer of our partner electricity service providers. Click on the names/logos below for more information.

Check our Rewards FAQ

if you have any questions on our rewards program or just want to know a bit more.

What are the qualifications to participate?

You must live in a qualifying zip code (if not, we'll notify you when your zip becomes eligible) and be on an applicable tariff (typically a non time-of-use tariff).

The person listed on your utility bill will need to sign the authorization form and you will need to provide a copy of your electric utility bill.

What is this program all about?

Put simply, our JuicePoints Rewards Program allows you to charge your vehicle in a way that maximizes your use of renewable energy and minimizes your contribution to grid congestion – all while earning rewards for participating!

To expand on that, the Rewards Program is what’s known as a “demand flexibility program.” Normally, you come home, connect your vehicle to your charger, and leave it that way overnight. Your vehicle charges immediately, or during the pre-programmed times, and doesn’t do much else until you use it again. Once you’re enrolled in our program, this series of events looks essentially the same: You come home, connect your vehicle to the charging station, and view the time by which charging is scheduled to be complete. If you need your vehicle at some time earlier, you simply drag a slider bar to the time needed. Your charger then receives data from the grid that lets it know when congestion is low and when renewable energy reserves are high and, using that data, starts and stops (or slows) charging for the greenest, most efficient result.

It’s important to note that, above all else, our system is designed to ensure that your vehicle is ready for action by the time you need it. You also have the option to override the system and charge your vehicle right away, should your plans change.

Am I giving up any control by participating?

Absolutely not! Our JuiceBox smartphone app will enable you to charge your vehicle whenever you’d like. Your needs are always the first priority and you’re able to override our system’s recommendations at any time, for any reason.

Why does eMotorWerks need my authorization?

In order for our system to determine when to charge your vehicle, we need to be able to access your utility electric meter data. Any time a third party, such as eMotorWerks, needs access to your meter data, you must sign a form that grants such access. The utility will not grant us access without your permission.

As such, your utility company has asked us to collect that permission from you in order to enroll you in the program. You are free to revoke that permission at any time.

What do you do with my data?

We take your privacy very seriously and do not access your data for any reason other than to carry about the charging of your vehicle, as described above. We will not access your data for any other reasons, nor will we distribute that data to any third party organizations. You can find further details in our Privacy Policy.

What if I have solar?

That isn’t a problem at all! Net Energy Metering with solar does not conflict with our program. If you are on a rate that maximizes your solar savings during the day, you can instruct the charger not to draw power during that time. This would allow you to feed your solar power to the grid during the day and conduct as much charging as possible during the night, however, certain grid services program are available only during daytime hours, so your opportunity to earn rewards may be significantly reduced on a "Time of Use" type rate.

What if I am on a Time of Use rate?

We will look at your tariff to see if it applies to the relevant program(s) in your area. In some cases a time of use tariff will apply and in others not. We will let you know once the exact tariff you're on is known. If you are enrolled in any other demand response programs, you will not be able to participate in our Rewards Program. You are only able to participate in a single demand response program at a time.

How much will I earn with this program?

Your earnings depend on several factors, including the size of your vehicle’s battery, how far you drive your vehicle, and when you typically charge – this means that earnings vary from driver to driver. Note that payments can be made only after final enrollment confirmation from your local utility and by providing us your JuiceBox ID or JuiceNet ID to associate with your JuicePoints account.

How are my rewards distributed?

You can receive your rewards in the form of cash (via PayPal) or as a donation to an environmental charity, such as the Sierra Club. You will have the option to decide when and how your rewards are distributed.

My JuiceBox is not on a dedicated meter. Will this affect the power for the rest of my home?

No, absolutely not! Reductions in power by the JuiceBox have no effect on how and when power is distributed to the rest of your home. The scope of this program is limited solely to your JuiceBox.

How long is a JuiceBox ID?

A JuiceNet ID is 28 characters long. If you need to provide it to us, you can login to your JuiceNet portal from our site or find it via your mobile app then send it to us via email. Or you can send us a picture of the product label from the side of your JuiceNet device.

How does this actually help the grid? I’d like to learn more.

EVs are generally plugged in for much longer than it takes for them to charge. Most of us leave our vehicles plugged in overnight – but the battery typically only needs a few hours, at most, to charge. Our software allows your charger to automatically start and stop, or simply reduce charging rate, in response to signals that indicate the availability of renewable energy and the level of congestion on the grid.

When renewable energy is available, your vehicle will charge. When congestion is high, your vehicle won’t charge. This allows you to be a “good neighbor” on the grid and keep from adding to that congestion while also reducing your impact on the environment. (Our system will always ensure that your vehicle is at maximum charge by the time you need it. You will also be able to override the system and “charge now” at any time.)

Your vehicle is probably the largest electrical load in your house. When our program has many EV owners participating, we’re able to do quite a bit of “load shifting” (the term for what we described above). Our system is able to respond very quickly to changing grid conditions (in about three seconds, actually). This means that we can reduce charging if there’s a sudden increase in overall load or generation on the grid. This rapid response allows us to improve the emissions profile of non-renewable gas generators on the grid, allowing them to run cleaner.

The other benefit of our rapid response is that the generation operators in California will be able to reduce their reliance on operating gas power plants to back up renewables like wind and solar. As things currently stand, grid operators keep a significant amount of gas generation operating to prepare for drop offs in wind and solar. With rapid response smart charging and tens of thousands of connected EVs, we will be able to avoid having those generators online, making the grid cleaner!

What is there is no wind overnight? Will I be stranded?

No, absolutely not. Our system is designed to ensure that your vehicle is ready for action by the time you need it – by identifying patterns of usage and anticipating when the car is next needed and for what mileage. If you need to over-ride the expected charge time, you can easily do so by using the slider bar in our Android or iOS app.

I have a Clipper Creek station. Can I upgrade it to leverage your JuiceNet platform?

No, not at this time.  The upgrade requires us to send the unit back to Clipper Creek for a circuit board update, incurring extra costs.  To upgrade your existing Clipper Creek unit, we recommend the soon to be released JuicePlug® giving WiFi capabilities and data access to any EVSE. 

You can find our Clipper Creek with JuiceNet edition here.

Can I participate if I am already on an existing rewards program or in the CA sub-metering pilot?

Yes, these programs will not conflict, however certain other programs allow only one form of participation. We will notify you if such is the case for your electric meter.

Can I earn JuicePoint Rewards if I don’t have a JuiceNet-enabled EVSE?

Yes, you can purchase our universal smart-grid adapter, JuicePlug, in our web store. JuicePlug converts any standard, non-connected EVSE into a smart EVSE and includes our popular mobile app for Android and iOS devices as well as web portal access to view charging status and control your device(s).

What if I have a question that isn’t addressed here?

If you have a question that hasn’t been addressed here, please feel free to contact us!

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