APIs & developer SDK for direct control of JuiceNet-enabled devices, including JuiceBox stations, third-party EVSEs, and other distributed energy resources.


  • Energy Markets Data

    access to data streams used in eMotorWerks' predictive grid model and dispatch algorithms, including real-time and day-ahead energy pricing & volume across multiple ISOs, frequency regulation pricing, etc.

  • Predictive Grid API

    access to certain outputs of the JuiceNet predictive grid model, such as pricing probability curves by interval of day, economic value distributions for various geographic aggregations, etc.

  • Predictive Load API

    access to additional outputs of the predictive load model, such as forecasted energy use for the next session, forecasted plug-in / unplug times, forecasted load curves, etc.

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eMotorWerks Inc. is a California based company which focuses on promoting high performance electric vehicle charging technologies, such as EV charging stations (EVSE), smart grid EV charging networks, and charging systems for high-voltage and DC fast charging.