JuiceNet: Vehicle-to-Grid Integration Platform

Cloud-based platform for grid balancing and optimization


JuiceNet is a patented communication, control, and intelligence platform that dynamically matches drivers’ historical charging patterns, real-time input, and signals from grid operators and utilities to aggregate and manage charging station demand.

Employing open APIs, JuiceNet can control any connected EVSE and coordinates periodic, minor changes in charge rate and timing, which the driver can override at any time.

JuiceNet is employed by leading EVSE manufacturers, vehicle OEMs and other partners for the control of shiftable electric loads. The subtle changes to charging across thousands of charging stations enables JuiceNet to:

  • Improve grid reliability
  • Integrate more solar and wind into the grid
  • Provide JuiceNet drivers a less expensive and cleaner energy mix
  • Reduce total cost of EVSE ownership and vehicle charging through grid participation incentives

JuiceNet Cloud Platform

  • Predictive modeling of grid events, driver behavior & network power regulation capacity
  • Virtual EVSE grouping with automatic load sharing
  • Market-based algorithms to optimize resource dispatch vs. driver requirements

Dispatch & API Access

  • Per-station dispatch of charge rate commands & local grid response profiles
  • API support for various user interface front-ends
  • API support for utility & ISO access to charging network

Electrical Grid

  • Grid data ingestion, storage, and event generation
  • Collection & storage of JuiceNet EVSE time series telemetry data

Consumer Devices

  • User account creation / maintenance
  • EVSE control - time of use, real-time charge rate, override of network control signals
  • EVSE history, alerts & notifications
  • Driver Rewards platform

Powering not only our family of JuiceBox charging stations, our JuiceNet platform offers smart grid control and revenue opportunities for partners.