EMotorWerks EV Charging Technology - Level 2 Network

EMotorWerks Level 2 Charging Technology consists of three major components:

  1. EV charging station itself - a.k.a. "JuiceBox"
  2. Cloud-based network management platform
  3. Mobile & web user interfaces for monitoring & control

Below, we will go into some details on each of these components.



JuiceBox are fully compliant J1772 Level 2 charging stations with all required safety and charging system features. In addition to these basic features, fully equipped JuiceBox feature the following capabilities:

  1. Precision measurement of Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, and Frequency
  2. Remote telemetry over WiFi link
  3. Sub-3-second control latency via commands from our servers
  4. Instantaneous & autonomous control based on local conditions
  5. Precision charge rate control (i.e. not a simple on-off)

The company designs its stations to be manufactured at a very low cost, with minimal manual labor. 


Cloud-Based Network Management System 

Our auto-scaling network management system performs the following functions:

  1. EVSE management & dispatch:
    1. Collection of telemetry data from JuiceBox stations and storage of data into a specially optimized time series storage system
    2. Dispatch of charge rate commands to an arbitrary collection of JuiceBox stations
    3. Dispatch of local grid response profiles on a per-station basis
    4. Time-of-use charge management
    5. Virtual EVSE grouping with automatic load sharing
    6. Predictive modeling of driver behavior & network power regulation capacity
  2. Electric Grid interface
    1. Grid data ingestion and storage
    2. Grid event generation
    3. Predictive modeling of grid events to optimally schedule EV charging loads
  3. Decision Engine
    1. A market-based algorithm to determine degree of resource dispatch
    2. Based on economic value from the grid services vs likely effect on driver mobility 
  4. User interface support
    1. 10+ types of user notifications
    2. API support for various user interface front-ends
    3. API support for Utility & ISO access of charging network


User Interface Front-Ends 

There are two main user-facing front-ends provided today for residential consumers

  1. SmartPhone App (Android native / iOS coming soon)
  2. Web-based Control Room

These front-ends support the following functions:

  1. User account creation / maintenance
  2. EVSE registration
  3. Telemetry display
  4. EVSE control - time of use, real-time charge rate
  5. Override of system control signals
  6. Management of charge notification profiles

EVSE Rebates & Programs


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eMotorWerks Inc. is a California based company which focuses on promoting high performance electric vehicle charging technologies, such as EV charging stations (EVSE), smart grid EV charging networks, and charging systems for high-voltage and DC fast charging.