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California installations only at this point. Commercial or Residential.

This opportunity has been brought to you by eMotorWerks and OhmConnect, an energy management company based in San Francisco, and is made possible through the PEV submetering pilot, which is administered by the CPUC. You can find information for your specific utility at the PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E pilot websites. We are passing all pilot payments from the utilities to you; this is how you get a near-free WattBox submeter under this program - the actual subsidy amount will depend on the time of enrollment and may not amount to full subsidy. Act early to get the largest subsidy.

eMotorWerks and OhmConnect are proud to announce a unique opportunity for you to to earn a major rebate on a WattBox

What's the catch?

For more details on the PEV Pilot program, please visit our dedicated FAQ information page.

Yes, there are some prerequisites:
you have to be a California resident, and be a PG&E, SCE, or SDG&E customer in good standing to qualify. You will also need an NRTL-certified EV charging station, and a reliable WiFi connection at the place of your residence or your business. The operation of the WattBox WiFi submeter will depend on its connectivity to the Internet.

There is no need to install a separate submeter for your EV:
JuiceBox will act as your energy meter. It will periodically transmit your usage data to OhmConnect over your WiFi connection. This pilot is administered by the CPUC, and you can find information for your specific utility at the PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E pilot websites. We are passing ALL the pilot payments from CPUC to you; this is how you get the FREE station under this program.

We will have to do something in exchange as well:
you will need to give us permission to sign you up for the time-of-use tariff with your local utility. It will be used only for your EV, and the rest of your residence or business can stay on the same rate schedule. PG&E customers know this type of arrangement as Schedule EV-B (previously E-9-B).

And finally, you must activate an Ohmconnect account:
in order for us to verify your utility account information, you will have to provide Ohmconnect some basic account information, and allow them to contact your utility. You can get started at

Ready to apply?

There is still space in the program, and we encourage you to submit your application today. These will all be first come, first serve.All we need at this point is some information about your driving patterns, and your current charging setup. We will follow up with, and tell you the next steps after we have processed your initial application.

Note that you can apply for more than one charging station, if you have two or more EV charging station. Just submit one form for each vehicle and charging station.

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The PEV Pilot is organized by the California Utilities Commission and jointly funded by PG&E, SCE and SDG&E. Participants must have an account in good standing with one of the participating utilities.

Thank you very much for your application! You are helping make the world a better place by participating in this historic submetering pilot, and by optimizing the effectiveness of our electrical grid.

Go Electric!

Your Team JuiceBox

* The Fine Print:

The cost of installation is the responsibility of the customer. eMotorWerks has a network of licensed electricians, who can install your WattBox. In our experience, prices start from $60 for a basic install. eMotorWerks will subsidize the installation up to $100, which should cover all the costs in most cases. Customers can either utilize our network of contracted electricians or make arrangement with their own contractor. We will provide additional program details in a direct communication to all applicants.

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