Charge your electric car with the cleanest energy on the grid

In celebration of Earth Day this month, buy a JuiceBox Pro 32 or Pro 40 and get JuiceNet Green free—a $50 value.

JuiceNet Green reduces the carbon emissions impact of electric vehicle charging by matching charging times to when solar and wind power is at maximum production and when high-emitting power sources are at a minimum.

JuiceNet Green is available exclusively for JuiceBox—the fastest, smartest way to charge your car at home.

Simply add a JuiceBox Pro 32 or Pro 40 to your cart, and your free JuiceNet Green software upgrade will be automatically added to your order.

Smartphone Control

Control time of charge, maximum charge rate, and monitor instantaneous power, amperage and more. Set up automatic notifications and control your charging with voice controls.

High-power Level 2 EVSE

JuiceBox automatically adjusts to provide just as much power as your EV is able to accept, up to 40 amps, and can be used with any power source.

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Green Energy

Our smart-grid charging solutions employ advanced algorithms and controls to make your EV charging greener and cheaper.

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Product Reviews

Not only is it packed with features that are actually useful, it's also aesthetically pleasing

A breeze to install, the JuiceBox has exceeded all my expectations. Not only is it packed with features that are actually useful, it's also aesthetically pleasing. Even the accompanying app has an elegant and polished look to it, offering you tools and statistics that go far beyond of what I get from the BMW app. I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

- Chip Omota

I like the wifi function

Picked up a JuiceBox Pro 40A the weekend after I bought my leaf. I have a 30 mile commute each way, and I frequently get called back to work after getting home so I can't rely on an overnight charge. I like the wifi function, I haven't had any issues with the leaf or the juicebox yet. Install on the JB was clear and worked out of the box. The only sticking point was getting alexa integration to work, you need to use a password to authenticate instead of google auth. Emailing support got that worked out and it's worked great since.

- Jason

Best options in terms of power and features

JuiceBox: Probably the best options in terms of power and features for the price. JuiceBox Pro beats the other options on price, and provides enough current for any vehicle.

- Tom Konrad, Ph.D., writing at GreenTech Media; Chair at the Marbletown Environmental Conservation Commission

Exceptional build quality and fantastic customer service sold me

This is my first EVSE purchase (for my new VW e-Golf) and this charger is extremely well built. The casing is SOLID and machined beautifully. I looked at the competitors (Blink/ chargepoint / etc) and while those have some fancy features.....I wanted exceptional build quality and customer service. I researched reviews and found that the Juicebox was the one for me. I basically plugged it in and went about living my life with no issues. It just works...plain and simple.

- John E Russel

Great Product and Plenty of Juice for My Bolt!

I recently got a new 238-mile range Chevy Bolt EV and quickly realized that I needed to have my own L2 charge station because charging on a normal 110V household circuit was just too slow. After a lot of research I decided to get the JuiceBox Pro and I’m glad I did. Setting up the JuiceBox Pro was easy and I was able to connect to my WiFi immediately and configure the software. While the Bolt does it’s own capabilities for setting time of day charging, I find that the JuiceBox Pro makes things much easier. The JuiceBox Pro is configured to enable charging starting when off-peak begins and stopping the next day when it ends. All I have to do is come home and plug in the Bolt. The JuiceBox Pro takes care of the rest. I chose the JuiceBox Pro because of it’s price point, capabilities of providing 40 Amps and software. I found that other charge stations could only provide up to 30 Amps. Because of the amperage I can easily fully charge from a depleted state overnight. The JuiceBox Pro provides plenty of juice for my Bolt. I’ve had 2 occasions to contact support to so I could better understand specifics of the software configuration and the support too has been great.

- iankh, Chicago, IL

Unboxing my eMotorWerks JuiceBox Pro 40 Level 2 EVSE UL Certified Charging Station


- Bmhsonic