Event Date From: 10.07.2018 00:00
Event Date To: 11.07.2018 00:00
Event Location: Portland, OR

Dolf Joekes, VP of Product Partnerships at eMotorWerks, is attending the session "Toward the IoT Smart City" on July 11 at the IoT Global Forum. Dolf will present the how advancements in smart-grid electric charging hardware and software are opening up electric vehicle OEMs to realize recurring income through the participation into “energy services” programs operated by utilities and grid operators, such as Sonoma Clean Power. These industry players know when the rEVolution of transportation hits, utilities will be desperate to manage EV charging loads to prevent grid failures or need to supply expensive peak energy, possibly also necessitating the need to turn on fossil-fueled peaker plants. With this next-generation of charging infrastructure, local utilities will be able to aggregate EV loads throughout a charging cycle while also minimizing costly grid upgrades and peak energy acquisition costs.