Designing The Charging System

The design work has started on a 25kW charging system. Today, adoption of the EV conversions is very slow due to the level of skill required and high cost of components. Team EMotorWerks will address both of these concerns - by offering turn-key conversion services / kits, and by developing open-source designs for high-power electronics. It is well known that charging speed is one of the main limiting factors for mass adoption of electric vehicles. After all, if you can recharge your car in 10 min, you care much less about that 100-mile range... However, today you have to pay over $3-4,000 for a charger capable of charging a 100-mile EV faster than 3 hours. 1-hour chargers are simply not available - at ANY price. At the same time, nearly any US household has electric service connection perfectly capable of such charging speeds...          

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eMotorWerks Inc. is a California based company which focuses on promoting high performance electric vehicle charging technologies, such as EV charging stations (EVSE), smart grid EV charging networks, and charging systems for high-voltage and DC fast charging.