The lack of electric vehicle charging sites is seen as a barrier to a wider spread and greater sales of electricity-fueled cars. “There are currently about 44,000 EV charging stations in the U.S, according to U.S. government figures, compared to 168,000 nationwide that sell fuel,” writes Ben Schiller at Fast Company. In addition, the installation and the cost of charging stations at public sites far exceeds those installed at home.


In order to expand the network of available public charging stations, eMotorWerks teamed up with MotionWerk to create a peer-to-peer car charging. Owners of EVSEs can offer their devices to other electric vehicle drivers and get paid via Share&Charge, MotionWerk’s blockchain-enabled app.


California residents can sign up for the program here.


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eMotorWerks Inc. is a California based company which focuses on promoting high performance electric vehicle charging technologies, such as EV charging stations (EVSE), smart grid EV charging networks, and charging systems for high-voltage and DC fast charging.