As more electric vehicle offerings come to market, the EV charging infrastructure is starting to diversify as well.


Bosch just announced a DC fast charger for less than $10,000. Three years ago, DC fast chargers averaged about $16,000, although that cost was falling toward $10,000 by the end of 2013. 


It isn’t just the price that’s shrinking. Bosch is the latest manufacturer to offer a DC fast charger for electric vehicles that is significantly smaller than traditional DC fast chargers. The smaller size allows for much lower installation costs, according to Bosch, as well as the ability to be mounted on a wall or a pedestal. The unit is 31 inches tall and 19 inches wide.


The Bosch fast charger is slightly smaller than ChargePoint’s Express 100 station that was released last month, which measures about 36 inches tall by 25 inches wide.


For commercial, public and workplace charging, the increasing options for DC fast chargers at lower prices could help accelerate the market. A 2013 study from Recargo found that access to fast charging was key to EV adoption.


Level 2 charging is developing as well. Earlier this year, ChargePoint launched an EV charger specifically for electric-vehicle owners in multifamily buildings. It gives apartment dwellers a dedicated Level 2 charger in their parking space, while the building owner only has to provide the wiring to the parking spot.


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