EMotorWerks at Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association (GGEVA) meeting in San Francisco

On January 8th,Valery Miftakhov presented EMotorWerks and its BMW 3-series converted prototype at Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association (GGEVA) meeting in San Francisco.  GGEVA, founded in 2004, is a chapter of the Electric Auto Association, founded in 1967.  It is an all-volunteer,  not-for-profit educational, support, and advocacy group that promotes electric vehicles (http://www.ggeva.org/GGEVA/About.html)

About 40 people showed up for a Saturday event, including many highly respected and influential local EV proponents (executives from national organization Plug-in America, president of SF EAA chapter, and 2-3 executives from local EV companies).

Two companies were on the agenda for the event – EMotorWerks and Fisker Karma – a new EV company  that just released their first plug-in series hybrid. Ironically enough, EMotorWerks has received much warmer welcome than the maker of a $120,000, 5,500lb gasoline hybrid car. Once again, we heard a couple of now-familiar complements on “approaching conversions as a real business, not a boutique hobby”.  Someone asked about group discount… Overall, attendees were impressed with performance (0-60 in ~5.5s), range (100 miles), and polished looks – both exterior and under the hood.