eMotorWerks and Nayax Partner to Deliver Smart-Grid Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

eMotorWerks has teamed with EV Meter, a subsidiary of Nayax, to develop JuiceStation, a dual 40-amp smart grid-enabled charging station. Nayax operates over 30,000 point of sale terminals at convenience stores, service stations, and shopping centers.


JuiceStation features access control, flexible payment options, energy management and reporting features. In conjunction with eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet cloud-based solution, it is designed to allow fleet managers and charging station operators to offer convenient, fast, and accessible EV charging.

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eMotorWerks and Nayax Partner to Deliver Smart-Grid Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Recognizing the need for affordable, smart-grid enabled charging options with flexible payment methods for EV charging, eMotorWerks has teamed with EV Meter, a subsidiary of Nayax, for the development of JuiceStation, an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) platform that will provide smart grid energy intelligence for convenience stores, service stations, and shopping centers. The dual 40-amp per head charging stations are scheduled for installation throughout 2017 alongside the Nayax deployment of over 30,000 point of sale terminals already located across North America in convenience stores, service stations, and shopping centers.

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eMotorWerks, Nayax to Develop Smart-Grid EV Charging Stations

In order to provide affordable, smart-grid-enabled charging options with flexible payment methods for electric vehicle (EV) charging, eMotorWerks teamed up with EV Meter, a subsidiary of Nayax, to develop the JuiceStation EV supply equipment (EVSE) platform.

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eMotorWerks joins hands with EV Meter for smart-grid EV charging 

eMotorwerks has teamed with EV Meter, a subsidiary of Nayax, for the development of an electric vehicle supply equipment platform 

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Sonoma Clean Power boosts ‘smart charging’ for electric vehicles

Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) has announced a partnership with eMotorWerks to provide up to 1,000 free smart charging units to SCP customers while program funds last.


The Bay Area-based eMotorWerks technology is focused on internet-enabled Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) products that are remotely connected to JuiceNet, a patented, cloud-based communication, control, and intelligence platform that dynamically matches users’ historical charging patterns, real-time input, and signals from grid operators and utilities to increase grid flexibility to meet EV charging demand


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eMotorWerks Wins EPIC Award, Describes Next-Gen 'Fueling Infrastructure'

eMotorWerks wins Energy Unlocked's EPIC award!


Hear eMotorWerks European team member Vincent Schachter describe how storage is here now and what its impact will be on building the next-gen 'fueling infrastructure' needed for accelerated EV adoption.


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How Electric Vehicles Are Becoming a Tool for Grid Stability  


GreenTechMedia.com mentions eMotorWerks in an article stating that a high penetration of renewables has started to cause resource planning issues for some states, such as California and Hawaii. Not only do grid operators have to prepare for a spike in electricity usage in the late afternoon, they also have to account for negative pricing and potential over-generation in the late morning and early afternoon -- an issue commonly known as the duck curve.


"I think the overall impact is going the be the flattening of the duck curve, but the extent to which that happens depends on how well the whole process is managed, and whether these players that are emerging in the market are going to be more or less successful," said Timotej Gavrilovic of GreenTechMedia.


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Sonoma Clean Power to give out 1,000 free eMotorWerks smart charging stations in California  


As part of a new charge metering program for SCP customers driving plug-in vehicles, the energy provider will issue out up to 1,000 free smart charging units from California EVSE maker eMotorWerks.


The end result generally being a more stable grid, and lower charging rates on the whole for the consumer participating in the program, so basically its win-win if you have ample time available to charge your EV.


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eMotorWerks partners with MCE to provide smart-grid enabled EV charging stations



eMotorWerks, and community choice aggregator Marin Clean Energy announced a private-public partnership to intended to deliver to customers in the MCE service area discounts on a range of smart grid enabled charging stations, and charging rewards for residential and commercial customers. The program is initially focused on residential customers and provides $150 discounts on smart-grid-enabled EV charging stations.


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eMotorWerks to provide free smart charging units to Sonoma Clean Power customers

JuiceBox 270x268

On November 15, eMotorWerks announced that Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) has tapped the firm to provide up to 1,000 free smart charging units to SCP customers. Sonoma Clean Power is a not-for-profit public agency and the default electricity provider for Sonoma County.


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eMotorWerks To Supply Up To 1,000 Free EV Smart Charging Stations To Sonoma

Clean Power Customers

JuiceBox 270x268


The prominent electric vehicle charging solutions company eMotorWerks will be supplying 1,000 free smart, cloud-connected charging units to Sonoma Clean Power customers as part of a new program from the Californian utility company, according to the email sent to us.


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Sweeping Changes Proposed for Demand Response in California


California regulators have released a plan that could radically change the way demand response is managed in the state


In an Aug. 30 proposed decision (PDF), the California Public Utilities Commission laid out a path for fuel-fired generators to be phased out of the state’s demand-side resource mix by 2018, and for today’s utility program-centered model to shift toward an open market for third-party energy services by decade’s end.


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Energy Storage North America Reveals Innovation Award Finalists

Voting now open for the most innovative energy storage projects in North America


San Diego, Calif. – August 23, 2016 – Energy Storage North America (ESNA), the largest gathering of policy, technology and market leaders in energy storage, today announced the finalists for the 2016 ESNA Innovation Awards, which recognize excellence and impact in energy storage project development. All finalists will be honored during an Award Ceremony at Energy Storage North America, held on October 4-6 in the San Diego Convention Center. Additionally, ESNA will present the Utility and Policymaker Champion Awards to one individual each from the policy and utility sectors who have shown leadership and dedication in advancing energy storage in North America.


The nine finalists demonstrate outstanding project achievements across three categories: Centralized Storage (utility-scale), Distributed Storage (commercial, industrial or residential) and Mobility (transportation, electric vehicles and enabling infrastructure). Innovation Award finalists were selected on the basis of their impact on the energy storage ecosystem, services supplied to the customer and the grid, unique technology solutions, financing, or partnerships.


ESNA 2016 Innovation Award Finalists:


Centralized Energy Storage

• IPL Advancion Energy Storage Array: first grid-scale, battery-based energy storage system to make a footprint in the Midcontinent Independent System Operator.
• MESA 1 Project: allows Snohomish County Public Utility District to increase their use of renewable energy and improve overall reliability while using open, non-proprietary industry standards.
• The Village of Minster Energy Storage Project: One of the largest storage systems connected through a municipal utility, providing multiple revenue streams including frequency regulation, transmission and distribution deferral, and demand response.


Distributed Energy Storage
• Stone Edge Farm Microgrid: First of its kind to incorporate three modes of operation: on grid, off grid, and both simultaneously.
• PowerHouse - 20-home energy storage pilot: Canada’s first virtual power plant, uses an aggregated fleet of autonomously controlled residential solar and energy storage systems located at customer homes.
• Rocky Mountain Institute Innovation Center: PV plus energy storage system that enables the RMI Innovation Center’s peak to never exceed 50kW.


• UCSD EV Smart Charging with Energy Storage: PV solar coupled with energy storage that allows the campus to reduce demand charges, while utilizing renewable energy.
• eMotorWerks EV Charging Network: intelligent charging stations controlled via a cloud-based, self-learning platform, that can provide demand curtailment solutions to utilities.
• EV4 Santa Clara Intel Station: Solar-powered, battery-based DC fast charging system in Silicon Valley.


Public voting will determine winners
Winners for each category will be determined by the ESNA Advisory Board (50%) as well as public voting (50%). One vote per user will count toward the final results. Visit the ESNA awards website to learn more about the projects and how to cast your vote.


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How to make a clean car even cleaner

Smart algorithims adopted by eMotorWerks and integrated into their smart charges has huge benefits when it comes to teh stability of the electric grid
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If you build it, will they charge? Utilities cautious in plans to spur electric vehicle adoption

Utilities are well positioned to enhance EV infrastructure, but many are waiting for a push from regulators and the market, eMotoWerks is blazing a trail for a smart charging infrastrcture
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Amazon Alexa Voice Tech Added to eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet Platform

Want to monitor your electric car charger but are too lazy to move those fingers?

eMotorWerks has a solution for you, as the California EVSE maker has integrated Amazon’s line of Alexa smart home devices with its JuiceNet products

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