eMotorWerks And Volta Partner To Launch First Ad-Supported Smart-Grid Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

eMotorWerks’ smart-grid enabled technology will be incorporated throughout Volta’s growing network of public EV charging stations. eMotorWerks’ hardware and JuiceNet software platform were chosen for their high performance, reliability and advanced smart-grid features.


Company’s JuiceNet platform will help utilities combat grid overload and promote renewable energy usage as it ensures that electric vehicle charging occurs at the time when clean energy is available on the grid. Volta’s customers will benefit from high-power and grid-friendly charging experience.


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eMotorWerks JuiceBox Pro 40 gets UL Listed

Tom Moloughney, a writer at InsideEVs and EV advocate, has recently published a review of an updated UL Listed JuiceBox Pro 40. Impressed by its Wi-Fi connectivity and JuiceNet app which allows to view current and past charging sessions, set up notifications and adjust the amount of energy, Tom now highlights an additional benefit of this “very popular EVSE”: JuiceBox Pro has become UL Listed.


The UL certification is an expensive and time-consuming process, especially for smaller companies. Another complication is the need to re-certify a product if it gets new features.


“This is newsworthy because the JuiceBox has become a very popular EVSE, and the fact that it wasn’t UL listed has been a hotly debated topic here and on many online EV forums”, writes Tom Moloughney.


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Volta And eMotorWerks Launch 1st Smart-Grid, Ad-Supported Public Charging Station

eMotorWerks has partnered with Volta to introduce the world’s first “Ad-Supported Smart-Grid Electric Vehicle Charging Stations”. JuiceNet, eMotorWerks’ smart-charging technology, will be deployed throughout Volta nationwide network of charging stations.


JuiceNet software will provide automated, multi-tiered control algorithms and load balancing to avoid peak demand charges. Daytime electrical loads can be coordinated with regional utilities, ensuring EV charging occurs with a cleaner energy mix. Volta will also place JuiceNet-enabled charging stations, such as JuiceBox and JuiceStation to complement their existing fleet of free chargers.


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Blockchain-Enabled Electric Car Charging Comes to California

On August 2nd, eMotorWerks launched a beta test of a distributed, peer-to-peer charging marketplace in California that allows electric vehicle drivers to pay each other for use of their home charging stations. The company is using Share&Charge platform running on blockchain technology.


eMotorWerks sees this program as a part of their strategy to move from hardware sales and focus on software services which are likely to generate more value to customers. The idea behind peer-to-peer charging marketplace is to expand the number of available charging stations and thus reduce EV drivers’ concern about range and promote electric vehicles.


While addressing the shortage of public charging infrastructure, electric vehicle drivers participating in the program not only earn extra money from renting out their EVSE, but also feel good about going green, reducing gas emissions and helping out fellow drivers.


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4 Innovative Uses of Blockchain in the Enterprise

The author at CIO Dive discusses what potential blockchain technology has for a wide range of uses in the enterprise. One of the innovative use cases is changing how energy is sourced and used and carrying out clean energy contracts in electrical grids.


Earlier in July eMotorWerks and Share&Charge announced a peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging program which is facilitated by blockchain payments. EVSE owners will be able to rent out their charging stations, set prices and available times and get paid. California residents can register for the program here.


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An Airbnb for charging stations?

Electric vehicles magazine Charged writes about a new peer-to-peer charging network powered by MotionWerk’s Share&Charge platform. California owners of charging stations enabled with eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet smart-grid charging technology will be able to share their charging stations with other EV drivers and get compensated for that.


The Share&Charge mobile app connects electric vehicle drivers with available residential and commercial EVSEs. The payments will be processed using blockchain technology for added security and convenience. California residents can register for the program here.


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Partnership between Share&Charge and eMotorWerks

MotionWerk, a startup from Essen, Germany, announced a partnership with San Francisco company eMotorWerks, in which its Share&Charge platform will be integrated with JuiceNet-enabled smart-grid charging stations manufactured in California. Owners of EVSEs will have an opportunity to rent out their charging devices to other electric vehicle drivers.


This partnership marks the first blockchain peer-to-peer platform in North America and is expected to launch on the 1st of August. This “Airbnb for charging stations” model was first introduced in Germany in the beginning of May.


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iPhone and Android Apps for Selling, Charging, Parking, Mobility Auto Pilot Fun & Managing Cars

AUTO Connected Car News, the blog about connected cars and vehicles, covered the news about eMotorWerks’ recent partnership with Share&Charge. California residential and commercial owners of electric vehicle charging stations enabled with eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet smart-grid charging technology are eligible to participate in the peer-to-peer charging network which uses MotionWerk’s Share&Charge open platform. EVSE owners can share their charging stations when not in use with other electric car drivers and get paid.


“The new sharing platform aims to increase the availability of public charging stations and decrease range anxiety current and prospective EV drivers experience.”


Compatible devices include charging stations such as eMotorWerks’ JuiceBox Pro, Aerovironment EVSE-RS JuiceNet Edition, Clipper Creek HCS-40 JuiceNet Edition and JuicePlug, a smart-grid charging adapter. Using Share&Charge mobile app, EV drivers can find available stations on the map and make payments which are based on blockchain technology. California residents can register for the program here.


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Earn Money Via Your EV Charging Station With eMotorWerks’ New Peer-to-Peer App

eMotorWerks’ new partnership with MotionWerk’s Share&Charge blockchain transaction program opens up opportunities for peer-to-peer charging, thus addressing the problem with availability of public EV charging. Owners of JuiceNet enabled charging stations will be able to earn some money for providing their charging stations to other electric car drivers.


Share&Charge’s smartphone app enables EVSE owners to set the cost and available time and EV drivers to find nearby charging stations. In summer the program will be open for California residents who can register here.


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eMotorWerks Takes EV Charging To Next Level With New Peer-To-Peer EV Charging Network

eMotorWerks has announced a new strategic partnership with the Share&Charge blockchain transaction platform that enables JuiceNet enabled charging station owners to charge for use of their station. Owners of JuicePlug charging adapters, which turn any charging station into a JuiceNet enabled ones, are eligible to participate as well.


Using Share&Charge smartphone app, EVSE owners can set up charging station details, such as the cost and hours of operation. Electric vehicle drivers can use the app to find nearby charging stations. The program is currently open to California residents, the number of participants will be limited.


This partnership addresses the issue of the high cost to install public charging stations and billing for the services.


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eMotorWerks Offers New Solution for Peer-to-peer Car Charging

eMotorWerks, a manufacturer of JuiceBox, a WiFi enabled smart EV charging station, has recently announced a new initiative aimed to make peer-to-peer charging convenient as a part of the partnership with Share&Charge, a German peer-to-peer charging site.


The company will offer residential and business owners of charging stations in California the opportunity “to rent out charging time”. Owners of any JuiceNet enabled stations willing to share their charging stations are eligible to participate in the new P2P network.


The author of the article believes that commercial owners, such as hotels, commercial parking lots, restaurants, vacation rentals, may consider this as a additional form of revenue and extra value provided to drivers.


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California to Receive First Blockchain-Based EV Charging Network

eMotorWerks announced a partnership with MotionWerk’s Share&Charge open platform which brings the first peer-to-peer charging network utilizing blockchain technology in North America.


This summer owners of electric vehicle charging stations in California will have an opportunity to share their stations with other EV drivers and get paid via blockchain-based payment systems. The vision for future is to enable self-driving cars to go to a charging station and have that station accept payment through the use of smart contracts.


The two companies aim to make sharing of charging stations and paying for charging easier and more efficient with blockchain technology.


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eMotorWerks Enables EV Drivers to Charge with Solar Energy

eMotorWerks, a Californian manufacturer of cloud-connected smart-grid charging solutions, announced the latest release of its JuiceNet platform which now enables owners of solar arrays to coordinate smart EV charging with their solar generation. JuiceNet Solar is able to match the charging speed of JuiceNet-connected electric vehicles to “second-by-second solar production”.


When configured to work with a distributed collection of generating resources, JuiceNet Solar can provide balancing services to local renewable generation. For example, it can be integrated at workplace sites where EV charging is linked to production from both on-site and off-site solar panels.


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CAISO Defers Proxy Demand Response Resource Sought by Storage Companies

In its efforts to better manage generation oversupply and solar curtailments, CAISO is going to present the results of the Energy Storage and Distributed Energy (ESDER) Phase 2 initiative to its board in July.


eMotorWerks, together with other energy storage advocates, such as Tesla and Stem, expressed support for the development of a bidirectional Proxy Demand Resource (PRD) product which is based on excess generation.


However, the grid operator will defer the consideration of a PDR product until phase three of ESDER. CAISO needs to analyze the limits of battery resources and other multi-use storage issues.


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New JuiceNet Solar App Lets EV Owners Get The Most From Their PV Systems

InsideEVs informed their readers about the latest version of eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet Solar cloud platform which allows owners of PV systems to get the most renewable “solar energy” for their plug-in electric vehicles via smart charging.


The advanced algorithms make it possible to match the charging speed of JuiceNet-connected EVs to second-by-second solar production. As a result, EV owners benefit from maximizing self-consumption of renewable energy and increasing energy savings.


JuiceNet Solar requires one of the JuiceNet-enabled EV charging stations, including eMotorWerks JuiceBox Pro, AeroVironment EVSE RS JuiceNet Edition, and the ClipperCreek HCS-40 JuiceNet Edition, and JuiceMeter, a JuiceNet-enabled energy meter, available in our store.


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eMotorwerks Chargers Add Intelligence To Home EV Charging (CleanTechnica Interview)

Kyle Field from CleanTechnica spoke with Preston Roper, eMotorWerks Chief Marketing and Operating Officer, and learned about company’s business and plans for future growth.


Apart from its hardware business - manufacturing smart grid EV charging stations, eMotorWerks has built a cloud-based software platform - JuiceNet - that taps into the massive potential of electric vehicle charging to serve as a “flexible, dynamic load”. Utility operators use it to balance the production and consumption of grid power.


eMotorWerks’ smart-grid electric vehicle charging technologies are similar to the “virtual power plant” model as they allow to maximize generated load on the grid, optimize the mix of renewables, and make grid reliable. The self-learning component of the platform determines driver’s needs and rewards them for flexible charging sessions through JucieNet Rewards program. By participating in the energy market EV owners help the grid to avoid demand spikes.


The company continues to grow significantly as more and more drivers see value in its products, and doubled its revenues in 2016 for the third consecutive year.


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