eMotorWerks plans to extend its line of smart-grid integrated JuiceBox charging products and release JuiceBox Pro 32 EV charging station in the European market which will complement Enel's public charge point solutions and fast-charging DC stations already being delivered in Europe.

The JuiceBox charging stations and cloud-connected JuiceNet software platform will deliver smart-grid charging capabilities to European consumers. eMotorWerks has deployed nearly 30,000 smart-grid charging stations worldwide into residential, multifamily and public locations.

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CleanTechnica posted a detailed overview of grid-scale demand management and explained how EVSE manufacturers leverage such services with connected, intelligent charging solutions with demand response capabilities.

The eMotorWerks JuiceNet smart grid charging platform is actively used in production today on a number of its 30,000 deployed charging stations. The company is partnering with a number of utilities and grid operators interested in balancing the electricity load on the grid.

The JuiceBox charging stations and cloud-connected JuiceNet software platform will deliver smart-grid charging capabilities to European consumers. With the JuiceBox line of smart grid wallboxes, EV drivers benefit from high-powered charging, market-proven reliability, and smartphone visibility and control over EV charging.

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Power Engineering International writes about eMotorWerks’ expansion into the European market which supports Enel’s plan to develop broad electric vehicle charging infrastructure throughout Europe.

EV drivers in Europe will be able to purchase a CE-certified JuiceBox Pro 32 Amp EV charging station. This product complements Enel’s line of electric vehicle charging products, including public and fast-charging already deployed in Europe.

“The JuiceBox charging stations and cloud-connected JuiceNet software platform will deliver smart-grid charging capabilities to European consumers. With the JuiceBox line of smart grid wallboxes, EV drivers benefit from high-powered charging, market-proven reliability, and smartphone visibility and control over EV charging.”

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Electric Vehicles Magazine “Charged” reports that eMotorWerks, the smart grid charging technology provider, announced its expansion into the European market. The company set up its European headquarters in Berlin, as well as offices in London and Paris.

eMotorWerks’ line of smart-grid connected JuiceBox charging stations have acquired CE certification and will complement Enel’s DC fast charging stations in southern Europe, the UK and Romania.

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E-mobility heads Federico Caleno at Enel X and Sven Jaspers at Nuon/Vattenfall discuss the role of their companies in advancing the use and grid integration of EVs.

The electrification of the transportation sector brings not only opportunities, but also significant challenges for the energy sector, such as grid integration, energy generation and storage, as well demand response. Both companies anticipate complex charging requirements for this growing grid load and challenges with the vehicle-to-grid integration for managed charging.

Enel is actively developing a charging infrastructure in Italy and elsewhere, as well as a full range of charging stations for residential and commercial use. With Enel’s acquisition of the US e-mobility solutions provider eMotorWerks in October 2017, the company aims to bring these activities together on to a single platform, JuiceNet – an internet of things platform for the management of EV charging and other distributed energy storage facilities.

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eMotorWerks’ Chief Marketing and Operations officer, Preston Roper, discussed with GreentechMedia what to expect in 2018 as EV demand accelerates.

Several automakers are determined to drive the electrification of the transport and accelerate the EV demand, and last year announced their plans to electrify their product line. EV charging infrastructure was growing at a fast pace along with a few notable developments in 2017 by multinational energy companies. Enel, a large energy company, acquired smart-grid EV charging leader eMotorWerks.

“eMotorWerks’ nearly 30,000 charging stations deployed so far can aggregate vehicle charging load, allowing energy providers an easier method of balancing the grid, and drivers the chance to optimize their charging for renewables or the lowest electricity price.”

EV sales are excepted to increase significantly in the next few years when electric vehicles reach price parity with the gasoline cars. So the industry is set to prepare and update electrical grid infrastructure, redesign business models, and expand the number of public and residential charging stations to meet demand.

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Charged magazine recently published an article by Scott Shepard, Senior Research Analyst with Navigant Research’s Transportation Efficiencies program, about the developments in the vehicle-grid integration (VGI) field.

According to the author, if VGI realizes its full potential, it could create a revenue stream for electric and plug-in vehicle owners, which would make the purchase of an EV even more attractive. VGI enables electric vehicle owners to participate in energy programs aimed at grid balancing. V2G (vehicle-to-grid integration) is the most advanced form in which the car delivers power back to the grid, “increasing both the amount of time it can provide balancing services and the amount of money it can earn for its owner.”

Scott Shepard thinks that the acquisition of eMotorWerks, the US charging station manufacturer and charging service provider, by large utility Enel will likely lead to new developments in the V2G area.

“eMotorWerks has made a name for itself in a brief amount of time as an innovative developer of VGI-enabling hardware and software solutions. For Enel, eMotorWerks bolsters its charging services portfolio and introduces it to the North American EV market, which may encourage a resurgence in fleet vehicle electrification.”

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In its recent article Environment Guru covers mergers and acquisitions which took place in the distributed energy industry in 2017.

A number of large European energy companies found it important to provide distributed energy technologies to their customers and break into the new competitive landscape outside of their core business objectives. For instance, the Italian Enel made its move into smart electric vehicle charging area by purchasing San Carlos based startup eMotorWerks.

The company has sold more than 25,000 of smart EV charging stations, but its primary focus is on managing those chargers as an aggregated resource for grid flexibility.


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PV Magazine spoke with Julia Pyper, reporter and senior editor at Greentech Media. In this interview, Julia talks about recent trends and challenges in the solar industry, innovative companies that shape the cleantech landscape and shares advice and best practices for startups who seek to grow their media presence.


Julia mentioned eMotorWerks as an example of a company that implements a successful and effective marketing strategy.

“I think eMotorWerks has also been successful, evidenced by the company’s recent acquisition by Enel and list of strong partners. The company achieved this by offering a high quality technology, but also by speaking at a lot of events and sharing a steady stream of news.”


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Electric vehicle charging stations manufacturer, eMotorWerks, partnered with Autochargers.ca to deliver co-branded EV charging solutions in Canada. eMotorWerks products - smart-grid enabled JuiceBox charging stations - will be available to Canadian buyers through the Autochargers.ca web store and the company’s reseller partners, including electrical contractors and car dealerships.


Autochargers.ca aims to offer “a differentiated solution” to its customers making sure they charge their electric cars with clean and low cost energy which is made possible with eMotorWerks cloud-connected JuiceNet software platform.


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Italian energy group Enel acquired San Carlos-based eMotorWerks Inc., one of the fastest growing private companies in the Bay Area over the past three years. The company was ranked No. 21 on the San Francisco Business Times' fastest-growing private businesses list in October.


The company has sold more than 25,000 JuiceBox smart grid-enabled charging stations and owns JuiceNet, an Internet of Things platform for smart management of electric vehicle charging and other distributed energy storage facilities. With JuiceNet utilities and grid operators can remotely control and aggregate the load on the grid and facilitate the use of wind and solar power.


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Kyle Field from CleanTechnica posted a thorough review of our JuiceBox Pro 40 charging station, covering the process of installing the unit, connecting it to the local WiFi network and using the app or dashboard.


The author highlights the ability of JuiceBox owners to adjust the charging rate downward to avoid tripping the breaker (by default the EVSE is set to pull 40 amps, but if plugged into a 30 amp dryer outlet it could be set to 29 amps). Having tested the unit himself, Kyle particularly enjoyed the ability to set up the notifications via the app or dashboard that alert the driver if the vehicle is not plugged in by certain time. This feature ensures that the car will be charged by the time you need it.


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By the end of 2017 customers in California, New York, and Illinois will be able to rent or lease medium-duty electric panel vans from Chanje Energy, which Ryder System Inc., a commercial fleet management company, started to deliver as part of the partnership announced between the two companies in August.


The Chanje all-electric, delivery-style van is equipped with charging stations from eMotorWerks, Chanje’s recently announced partner. eMotorWerks is providing JuiceBox Pro 40 high power charging stations for installation, which are connected to JuiceNet, a cloud-based software platform for managing electric vehicle charging. Intelligent JuiceNet platform provides remote access control, automatic energy management to avoid peak demand charges, smart algorithms to maximize charging with available renewable energy from the grid, and electricity usage tracking.


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With the aim of developing a sustainable mobility system, Enel announced its plans to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure, which envisages the installation of about 7,000 charging stations by 2020 in Italian regions to reach a total of 14,000 by 2022.


According to the program, most of the charging points will be installed in urban and metropolitan areas, with about 20% deployed in other areas around the country. This way Enel intends to eliminate the “range anxiety” and increase the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles in Italy. Following a recent acquisition of eMotorWerks, the Italian energy giant will be able to offer V2G (vehicle-to-grid) technology and thus compensate EV drivers for making their cars’ batteries available to stabilize the grid.


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The multinational utility company Enel acquired the e-mobility solutions provider eMotorWerks, known for its popular JuiceBox EV charging stations and the JuiceNet software platform, which Enel plans to integrate into all of its electric vehicle charging stations around the world.


The JuiceNet platform is used to manage electric vehicle charging and other distributed energy storage facilities, remotely control and aggregate such facilities, and to use them for grid balancing purposes. One of the clear advantages is the ability to schedule the charging to when the cleanest energy is abundant on the grid, which reduces the costs of EV ownership. With over 25,000 smart-grid-enabled electric vehicle charging stations deployed by eMotorWerks, Enel’s support will help significantly grow this number in the upcoming years.


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Electric delivery truck manufacturer Chanje and intelligent EV charging station manufacturer eMotorWerks are partnering on a new energy-as-a-service (EaaS) program offered to commercial fleet customers.


CleanTechnica particularly notes that this partnership goes beyond billing commercial customers on energy usage, but aims to utilize intelligent Wi-Fi-enabled charging stations and offer energy services to customers, such as energy storage management, grid balancing solutions to minimize energy costs and the use of renewable energy. eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet platform provides direct connection to utilities and thus enables customers to take advantage of demand response programs and get paid by utility companies.


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