How Utilities Can Harness Electric Vehicles as Flexible Loads

A new Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) report points out that electric vehicles and the whole charging infrastructure represent a potentially powerful load-management resource. To be more specific, managed charging is what turns EVs into a grid resource. Utility companies are already researching or considering demand-response programs that integrate EV managed charging as they see growth opportunities.


On the other side, vehicle and EVSE manufacturers implement vehicle-grid integration platforms to provide demand response services to utilities. eMotorWerks as the leading provider in the smart charging industry offers such a solution with its JuiceNet software platform.


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SEPA: Utilities and Electric Vehicles. The Case for Managed Charging

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), a non-profit organization which facilitates collaboration across electric power stakeholders to enable the smart deployment and integration of clean energy resources, has published a report covering managed or smart charging which allows a utility or third-party to remotely control vehicle charging to better correspond to the needs of the grid.


The report describes how utilities can adjust to the growing energy demand resulting from rapid EV adoption. Time-of-use rates can help to shift the charging hours to the preferred times of the day (mainly late evening and early morning), but utilities must also avoid high costs of peak energy procurement and issues associated with high density EV penetration, while drivers need to be able to conveniently schedule their charging sessions.


eMotorWerks, as the leading provider of the smart charging industry, with its VGI (vehicle-grid integration) platform called JuiceNet can control vehicle charging, balance renewable energy generation, and provide demand response services to utilities. Owners of smart-grid enabled JuiceBox EV chargers and other JuiceNet-enabled EVSE through partners (such as AeroVironment, Clipper Creek, and Nayax) may participate in energy programs and earn money for charging.


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eMotorWerks Wins Grid Edge Award for 2017

eMotorWerks received industry-wide leadership recognition from Greentech Media in its annual Grid Edge award, voted on by energy industry stakeholders and given to companies leading the distributed energy transition.


Greentech Media highlighted eMotorWerks’ aspiration to reduce energy procurement costs, enable grid balancing and build reliable grid infrastructure. “This Silicon Valley startup has grown from a maker of home electric vehicle chargers to a software platform provider working on some of the largest smart EV charging projects out there.”


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AeroVironment Links With Smart Grid Software Developer

AeroVironment, a manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers as well as unmanned aerial vehicles, and eMotorWerks, smart grid charging technology developer, partner up to integrate JuiceNet smart-grid EV charging platform into Aerovironment's line of EV charging solutions.


A new EV smart charging station will provide great features to customers: smartphone app, Amazon Alexa voice control, real time and historic energy usage for cars, notifications of charging status, circuit load balancing, and charging schedules that correspond to lower utility rates.


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EV Smart Charging Takes a Big Step Forward

As EV market grows, utility companies consider different ways to keep up with the increasing demand on the grid.


In an effort to build a reliable charging infrastructure, AeroVironment and eMotorWerks have partnered to extend the line of smart EV charging stations. The main benefit for customers is an opportunity to save money with time-of-use electricity rates. EV drivers can also apply the green charging option which synchronizes with grid generation sources and makes charging as clean as possible.


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How Not to Crash the Grid: Yes, There's an App for That

eMotorWerk's COO and CMO, Preston Roper, gave an interview to EV World in which he explained how the company is developing a smart charging management software to reduce the increased demand on the power grid.


Preston also talked about eMotorWerks’ recent announcement of partnership with AeroVironment to integrate their charging stations into JuiceNet, smart-grid cloud-connected software.


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EV Smart Charging Takes a Big Step Forward

The partnership between AeroVironment and eMotorWerks provides a smart-charging solution to customers and utilities. JuiceNet - smart-grid charging platform integrated with AeroVironment’s charging stations - predicts when to charge for maximum efficiency. Electric vehicle owners can set the time when they need the car charged in the morning and this way avoid charging at times with peak electricity demand which usually happens in the evenings.


JuiceNet also offers an opportunity for utilities by integrating with their resources and offering demand response. When electricity usage is at its high, the utility can tell JuiceNet to reduce EV charging.


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AeroVironment Tapping Into JuiceNet To Make Charging More Efficient For EV Drivers And Utilities

AeroVironment is collaborating with eMotorWerks and its JuiceNet smart-grid charging platform to provide smart charging capabilities to drivers of electric vehicles and electric demand load management to utilities.


EV drivers will now benefit from advanced charging features, such as viewing real-time and historic charging data via smartphone app and web portal, setting charging status notifications, load balancing, Amazon Alexa voice control management, and many more.


For environmentally concerned drivers, JuiceNet smart-grid platform also allows to increase the relative percentage of renewable energy used to charge a car by turning on the “Green Charging” feature.


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AeroVironment Picks EMotorWerks as Smart EV Charging Platform Provider

eMotorWerks announced on Tuesday that it is integrating its “JuiceNet networking cards and cloud-connected control platform into AeroVironment’s line of consumer and OEM EV charging solutions”. JuiceNet-branded AeroVironment charging stations will have advanced features for customers: smartphone access, real-time and historic energy usage, circuit load balancing, charging schedules, and Amazon Alexa voice control.


Jeff St. John, GreenTechMedia’s senior editor, also highlights that JuiceNet platform “manages both the customer interaction, with attention to each EV owner’s charging preferences and needs, and the grid-side integration, with forecasting to optimize an ever-shifting resource that can add up to hundreds of kilowatts, or even megawatts, of real-time flexible load”.


EV drivers who would decide to purchase a AeroVironment EVSE-RS JuiceNet® Edition will also enjoy green-friendly customer options, e.g. “charging during hours when renewable energy makes up the greatest portion of their local grid’s power mix”.


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EV charger makers AeroVironment and eMotorWerks partner to create ‘Smart Advanced Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions’

The article highlights the recent partnership between two important EV charger makers, AeroVironment and eMotorWerks who are offering a new smart advanced electric charging station - AeroVironment EVSE-RS JuiceNet® Edition.


Driven by the need to offer more services and value to EV owners, electric vehicle chargers will become “smart” - “like the mobile industry’s transition to smartphones”.


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Beyond load growth: The EV managed charging opportunity for utilities

Rapid expansion of the EV market creates both opportunities and risks for the utility companies. On the one hand, the electricity consumption is growing. On the other hand, electric vehicles pose challenges for utilities, such as peak load increases and transformer and substation impacts.


Utilities are looking for ways to shift the charging hours across the full span of off-peak hours and to time vehicle charging for periods of high renewable energy production — mid-day for solar or night-time for wind. In search for flexible grid resources, more and more utilities are considering demand response programs that integrate EV managed charging.

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AeroVironment and eMotorWerks Combine Forces To Provide Smart Charging Solutions

As eMotorWerks is “rapidly transforming itself into a leading smart charging solution provider”, the company has teamed up with AeroVironment to extend the line of smart EV charging stations. EV owners will now be able to purchase AeroVironment’s lineup up of personal EV chargers integrated with eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet platform, a cloud-connected and intelligent grid charging solution which provides the ability to aggregate fleets of charging EVs and to modulate energy demand on the grid.


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If Energy Utilities Want Happy Customers, They Should Learn from Google

Is the sharing of energy usage data an invasion of privacy or a tangible benefit to consumers?


In similar vein as when Google provides automated updates on travel times when you leave your office or home, the Huffington Post explains how eMotorWerks’ cloud-connected and smart grid EV charging solutions provide a win-win situation for EV drivers: improving their lives by increasing usage of sustainable energy to fuel EVs and helping utilities and grid operators maintain grid stability.


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eMotorWerks and con|energy announce partnership for German EV charging market

eMotorWerks and German energy services company, con|energy, announced a partnership intended to collaborate on technology solutions that would enable EV charging stations to optimize the charging process with energy source preferences (such as solar).


A joint partnership will become an important part in the green|connector initiative and help utilities companies to provide a better service to their customers.


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eMotorWerks and con|energy to Partner on Electric Vehicle Charging in Germany

Smart Grid Observer informed its readers about a partnership between eMotorWerks and con|energy, a German energy services company, which is aimed at introducing new EV charging solutions into the German market.


"EV usage across Europe is on the edge of becoming a fast growing market, with annual growth rates already more than 100% in Germany and an expected acceleration from 2018 on. Combining eMotorWerks' expertise and products with our knowledge and access to the German speaking energy markets provides for a perfect and timely solution," stated Roman Dudenhausen, CEO of con|energy.


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Top Honors Go to eMotorWerks in GTM EVSE Roundup

eMotorWerks' line of EV charging stations took top honors amongst a roundup of comparable EVSEs in Tom Konrad's (Ph.D., writing at GreenTech Media) recent article. Tom writes "JuiceBox: Probably the best options in terms of power and features for the price", and continues "JuiceBox 40A: $499 at eMotorWerks, the least expensive 40A charging station available....", and "JuiceBox pro 40A and Pro 75A: $599 and $899 at eMotorWerks, full-featured, high-power charging stations at a low price. Can be adjusted with a smartphone app to charge at any lower current required."


"I have not listed any other full-featured charging stations because the JuiceBox Pro beats the other options on price, and provides enough current for any vehicle."


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