In addition to broad-scale EV incentives, many states across the country provide incentives specifically for EV charging equipment. If you have information about new or changing incentives, contact us.

To view current incentives, click on your state below.

Federal Incentives

Purchase Incentive: BEV and PHEV cars purchased in or after 2010 are eligible for a federal income tax credit of up to $7,500. The credit varies based on the battery used to power the vehicle (kWh), and will begin to phase out to 50% of the full credit amount once a manufacturer has reached 200,000 PHEVs and BEVs sold.








District of Columbia




















New Jersey

New York

North Carolina





Rhode Island

South Carolina









Sources: Energy and Environmental Legislation database, State Incentives U.S Department of Energy (DOE) State Laws/Incentives, Plug-in America ChargePoint Incentives List (EVSE specific).

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Electric Vehicle Conversions & Built-to-order Converted Cars based on your favorite models

We handle everything from purchasing a new or slightly used car as a donor, selecting all the components to match your performance / cost requirements, removing all the gasoline-related components, putting in the electric components, and testing.

Or, bring your own car and we will make it electric! 

We are also NOT a custom EV conversion shop. Rather, we are covering a specific set of popular models of top brands of performance cars. BMW 3-series EVs are available NOW and we are taking orders from qualified installers and individuals. Visit our 
Conversion Builder page for details on pricing and to configure your conversion.


Future models:

  • In 2013, we will be rolling out X5 (2001-2006 models) and BMW 5-series (1999 - 2006 models)
  • In 2014, we will plan to expand into Audi & Mercedes. 

We use only the latest high-output lithium battery technology, high power motor controllers, motors capable of up to 550hp shaft ouput. Our conversions generally have:

  • 0-60mph less than 6 seconds
  • Top speed of more than 100 mph
  • Range of 100+ miles


Note that we already are running a 12-week waiting list for full-kit deliveries - please contact us today to get in line for yours.



JuiceBox is this newest EMotorWerks product. It is an open-source 15 kW level 2 EV charging station, which starts at $449 as a pre-assembled unit. It's significanlty more afforadable than other EVSEs while offering more features and higher output power.

This product was initially successfully funded from a KickStarter campaign. The project received over 200% of the target funding amount from around 300 backers.

The device is a full-featured J1772 charging station and supplies up to 60A and operates on both 120V and 240V. It's built around an Arduino microcontroller and EMotorWerks is making both the hardware and software open source. It is small enough to be used as a mobile charger. It is faster. It is more affordable and flexible than other charging stations available on the market today.


Some technical details:

  • EMotorWerks JuiceBox can be connected to either 120V outlet or 240V outlet (such as a dryer outlet)
  • Included GFCI & output enable protection
  • Weather resistant enclosure for both Base and Premium editions
  • Will charge the existing production cars up to 10 times faster than from the charging cords supplied with the car (when connected to 240V supply, maximum charge rate limited by the in-car charger - e.g., 6.6kW in the 2013 Nissan Leaf - still 5x faster than 120V charging cord supplied with a Leaf) 
  • Will be available in both kit form for the DIY enthusiast and a fully assembled form – similar to our existing 12kW DC charger line (see EMotorWerks Electronics for more details if interested)
  • DIY kits are designed for easy assembly (mostly through-hole components) will require just basic electronics assembly / soldering skills and can be assembled in 1-2 hours (for base edition)
  • Source code for the Arduino microcontroller powering the JuiceBox will be available so the DIY enthusiasts can customize the functionality / screen readouts / etc. to their heart's desire
  • As of July 15 (when we hit our stretch goal on KickStarter), we have decided to make all JuiceBoxes Wi-Fi ready, with all the required firmware and server-side software – Just add a Wi-Fi shield (available from EMotorWerks, as well) and your JuiceBox connects to the network
  • We will be setting up a developer community forum on a popular EV forum site where we have a large number of devoted followers

Configurations:  Base and Premium

Base Edition

  • A no-frills version that does a single job well - charges your car at up to 240V and 60A
  • It is also so small that you can take the whole thing with you to plug in elsewhere (say, your friend's house's dryer outlet)
  • Size: ~10x7x3” box, weather resistant

Premium Edition - featuring additional great functionality (details below)

  • Time of day charging - for those customers who have time-of-use power tariffs with their utility company. You would be able to plug in your car at any time and the EVSE would turn on when the electricity costs are lowest (can be overridden by the user) 
  • Color LCD interface with read-outs of all major parameters such as lifetime & current energy spent, current power & charging time, cost savings relative to using a gas car, total cost of electricity, etc.  
  • Very cool - looking, unique enclosure specifically designed for the EMotorWerks JuiceBox - none of those drab generic boxes the current EVSEs come in!
  • Size: 17” long, 5.5” cylinder, weather resistant



To complete the JuiceBox, you will need to add input and output cables & plugs. The reason we did not include these into the kit or an assembled unit pricing is that people situations and needs differ greatly –some of you park your cars close to the source of power, some need longer cables, etc.

There will be two ways to get your cables:

  • Buy from EMotorWerks - we now  stock these in our store (check in related products)
  • Reuse your existing J1772 cable from a charging cord that came with your car (such as a 120V charging adapter that comes with Nissan Leaf)

If you decide to buy from EMotorWerks, a variety of options are available - please check our Input Cables and Output Cables products in our store.


Geek Stuff:

  • Brains
    • Arduino Pro Mini board to run main logic of the EVSE
    • Roving Networks RV171XV WiFi module (as part of Wi-Fi option)
  • Power
    • Main logic power is provided by a universal AC power supply producing
      • +15V, 0.5A
      • -15V, 0.5A
      • +5V, 2A
    • AC power is passed through the JuiceBox via AWG 6 wiring and 80A rated AC relay
  • Expandability
    • Fully pin-compatible with Arduino UNO boards (no AREF pin)
    • Digital pins used by JuiceBox
      • RX, TX for screen or WiFi
      • 2, 4 – screen or WiFi (only if WiFi option installed)
      • 3 – GFCI
      • 5 – main relay driver
      • 6, 8 – control buttons (only in Premium version)
      • 9 – J1772 pilot signal
    • Analog pins used by JuiceBox
      • 0 – J1772 pilot voltage sense
      • 1 – AC voltage sense
      • 2 – actual output current sense
      • 3 – max output current setting
      • 4, 5 – RTC chip interface (if installed)

More geek stuff is available on our dedicated Open Source Resources page (COMING SOON)

JuiceBox in the media: 

Engadget        LA Times      BusinessBee       GreenCarReports

On the day of launch, our JuiceBox kickstarter campaign was covered by Engadget, the leading tech publication that always stays on top of the most progressive trends in technology and innovation.

Per Myriam Joire, the senior Engadget Editor: “Electric vehicle charging stations aren't cheap: one of the most affordable Level 2 (240V) units sells for $450 and only supplies 16A. Electric Motor Works -- which is best known for its electric conversion kits -- wants to change this with JuiceBox...” To see the full article, go to and search for “EMotorWerks”. named EMotorWerks JuiceBox one of "4 Groundbreaking Kickstarter Projects Worth Backing".  EMotorWerks founder Valery Miftakhov and R&D Director Henry Grishashvili spoke with LA Times reporter  Catherine Green and addressed certification and safety questions for LA Times auto section (full article link listed below).



Additional Press Coverage: 


Don't forget to check our KickStarter project page - it has a ton of additional info and 60+ public comments and answers to most FAQs!


Go Electric!

Our Products

We believe in choice! We understand that different people have different needs and resources. To cover the specrtum of people from DIY-ers to busy EV enthusiasts, EMotorWerks offers help across three main areas below:

  • EV Charging stations - the most powerful on the market (60A, 15kW), fully open source Level 2 J1772 charging station - EMotorWerks JuiceBox!

  • EV Components - specific EV components for individuals and EV conversion shops. A number of EMotorWerks-invented designs are available in areas of Charging and Instrumentation - such as a brand new DC Fast Chargers with CHAdeMO compatibility!

  • EV Conversion Kits - for individuals, conversion and tuner shops who would like to extend EV Conversion services to their customers. Currently, BMW 3-series solutions are available

Visit our online store to explore our products.


Future products and services

  • Ready-made Converted cars based on the best luxury gasoline Brands such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes

  • EV Conversion services - you bring your car, we make it electric (same car Makes & Models as above)

We focus on high-performance conversions. We use only the latest lithium battery technology, high output power electronics (12-25 kW chargers, 300kW+ motor controllers. Generally, our conversions will have:

  • 0-60 mph of less than 6 seconds

  • Over 100 mph top speed

  • 100+ mile range on one charge

  • 1.5-3 hour recharge 



Please visit corresponding pages from our 'Product' menu for more details on the products & services available.

Thank you!


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eMotorWerks Inc. is a California based company which focuses on promoting high performance electric vehicle charging technologies, such as EV charging stations (EVSE), smart grid EV charging networks, and charging systems for high-voltage and DC fast charging.