Our main business is EV Charging Systems for production EVs (see corresponding links in our Technology section).

However, with our roots deep in the DIY EV community, we wanted to give access to some of the best high-performance EV components at the lowest possible prices to the EV community. We are focusing on getting the best possible deals from manufacturers on high-performance batteries, motors, and controllers so you can be sure you are getting the best possible deal, as well! 

All the components featured on our site have been extensively tested in the actual conversions and we have optimized the selection so that all the components work well together. 

On the individual pages for each component, you will find a lot of details on performance, design, applicability, as well as the discussion on how to properly match to other components (e.g., what motor and battery pack goes best with Soliton1 controller, etc)

Visit our Online Store for a great selection of :

  • LiFePo4 Batteries
  • Motors
  • Motor Controllers
  • BMS systems
  • Charging systems

In addition to the components from other manufacturers, we also make some of our own designs available. Some of them are even available as fully Open Source - hardware, software, firmware designs are all open! Example of such an open source design is one of our DC Charging Systems - the most advanced high-power (12-15kW) system available on the market today. Read more on our Charging System page. You can also buy the kits and complete units at our Online Store

Another great product is our EV Android Dashboard. Similar to the DC Charging System, our Dashboard is the most advanced EV visualization system available on the secondary market today. With Bluetooth connection to any Android device, it provides beautiful instrument cluster for your EV and (soon) allows you to control all aspects of your EV (when matched to a compatible set of EV components). Read more on our EV Instrumentation System page.

We are committed to supporting EV movement. Let us know how we can help you drive Electric Today!