EMotorWerks EV Conversion Kits


A set of components precisely matched to each other, your car model, and your performance targets.

Systems start at the volume pricing of $15,000.

Our mid-range kit models rival performance of any production EV on the market (except a $120,000 Tesla):

  • 0-60 of less than 6 seconds
  • Top speed of over 100mph
  • 100+ miles of range on one charge

Our kits are not like any other on the market - they are truly bolt-on. All the mounting brackets, hardware and instructions are included in the kit. As a result, the total time to convert a typical vehicle in a well-equipped mechanic shop is just ~30 person-hours. This means that the entire conversion can be performed in just 2 days!

No special fabrication skills are required (the conversion required you to drill less than 10 holes in the car's frame and absolutely no welding, cutting, and other heavy-duty fab work. Generally, a good mechanic shop would be able to do the conversion for you if you so desire.


Bolt-on BMW 3-series are available NOW! We are taking orders from qualified installers and individuals. Visit our Conversion Builder page for details on pricing and to configure your kit / conversion.

Note that we already are running a 12-week waiting list for deliveries - please contact us today to get in line for yours.

Future models

  • Soon, we will be rolling out BMW 5-series (1999 - 2006 models), X5 (2001-2006 models)
  • In 2014, we will plan to expand into Audi & Mercedes

Contact us for more specific dates for your favorite Make & Model.