JuiceBox is this newest EMotorWerks product. It is an open-source 15 kW level 2 EV charging station, which starts at $449 as a pre-assembled unit. It's significanlty more afforadable than other EVSEs while offering more features and higher output power.

This product was initially successfully funded from a KickStarter campaign. The project received over 200% of the target funding amount from around 300 backers.

The device is a full-featured J1772 charging station and supplies up to 60A and operates on both 120V and 240V. It's built around an Arduino microcontroller and EMotorWerks is making both the hardware and software open source. It is small enough to be used as a mobile charger. It is faster. It is more affordable and flexible than other charging stations available on the market today.


Some technical details:

  • EMotorWerks JuiceBox can be connected to either 120V outlet or 240V outlet (such as a dryer outlet)
  • Included GFCI & output enable protection
  • Weather resistant enclosure for both Base and Premium editions
  • Will charge the existing production cars up to 10 times faster than from the charging cords supplied with the car (when connected to 240V supply, maximum charge rate limited by the in-car charger - e.g., 6.6kW in the 2013 Nissan Leaf - still 5x faster than 120V charging cord supplied with a Leaf) 
  • Will be available in both kit form for the DIY enthusiast and a fully assembled form – similar to our existing 12kW DC charger line (see EMotorWerks Electronics for more details if interested)
  • DIY kits are designed for easy assembly (mostly through-hole components) will require just basic electronics assembly / soldering skills and can be assembled in 1-2 hours (for base edition)
  • Source code for the Arduino microcontroller powering the JuiceBox will be available so the DIY enthusiasts can customize the functionality / screen readouts / etc. to their heart's desire
  • As of July 15 (when we hit our stretch goal on KickStarter), we have decided to make all JuiceBoxes Wi-Fi ready, with all the required firmware and server-side software – Just add a Wi-Fi shield (available from EMotorWerks, as well) and your JuiceBox connects to the network
  • We will be setting up a developer community forum on a popular EV forum site DIYelectriccar.com where we have a large number of devoted followers