One of the most important components of the Electric Vehicle is the instrumentation and control system. We have developed an innovative design of an OEM-grade EV control and instrumentation system. This component of our technology allows seamless integration of all key components in virtually any electric conversion, while providing a better driver experience. 

Our EV Instrumentation system is a modular system collecting over 50 different data parameters from all of the vehicle’s subsystems (controller, charger, car’s CAN bus, a series of redundant sensors, Internet, etc.), logging for future use by service personnel, and displaying on a patented EV Dash Android application. Similar to the our charging system, this system is already widely accepted among EV enthusiasts worldwide as the best EV instrumentation solution available. 

We have made select components of this system available for the EV Conversion market. Now EV enthusiasts worldwide can monitor all dynamic characteristics of their Electric Vehicles on any Android device. 


EMotorWerks EV Android Dashboard - Base Edition (available from our Online Store)

Connect the sensor board hardware to your battery pack following the instructions in the manual. Install the app on any Android device 

(Android 2.2 and later are supported, 3.2.1 and higher preferred) and establish Blue Tooth connection with the board. In this Base Edition you will be able to select to display any number of gauges from the following list: Instant Motor Power, Battery Voltage, Battery Current, Battery Remaining Charge Percentage, Miles Per Gallon Equivalent, Watt Hours Per Mile. 

Position the gauges as you like anywhere on the screen and adjust their size to your convenience. Constant Bluetooth communication between the sensor board hardware and the Android app allows real-time visualization of the selected EV parameters. When the EV is parked for charging in your garage, take the Android device with you to monitor the charging state remotely (Battery Remaining Charge Percentage gauge). 

The application can be installed on any number of Android devices allowing you the flexibility of checking the charging status of your vehicle from your phone while the main ‘EV Dashboard’ table is left in the car (only one blue tooth connection can be made at any time so you will have to disconnect / power down your in-car Android device in order to be able to connect another Android device for from-home monitoring). 

Depending on the placement of the BlueTooth transmitter, you can get up to 60-70 feet of range for connection to Android. 

Package includes:

  • Sender (sensor) Unit

  • Bluetooth Unit

  • 7' Ethernet Cable

Software download (latest version, v1.4): V1.4 Android 2.3+ build

Software download (v1.2 - fallback if v1.4 does not work on your hardware): V1.2 Android 2.3+ build

Full detailed documentation: V1.2/4 Installation & User Manual

Installation videos on YouTube: Part 1 and Part 2


Known compatible devices

Note that these are the devices we or our customers have actually used successfully with our EV Dashboard. Virtually all full-featured Android devices should be compatible but we obviously have not tested them all. The list below will be expanded as we go. If you are our tester / customer and are successfully using EV Dashboard on a device not listed below, please let us know so we can add to the list below.


  • Motorola Xoom 10.1" (one of our reference devices)

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" (one of our reference devices)

  • Archos 101 G9

  • galaxy tab 7 plus

  • Toshiba 10.1"

  • Samsung I9100 (Galaxy S II in Europe)


  • Motorola DroidX (one of our reference devices)

  • LG Optimus V


Please feel free to check out the application before your order and let us know what you think. 

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