Various kits and completed units based on our open-source designs: 12kW PFC charger, Android-based EV Instrumentation system, and a number of others.

Visit the technical design reference page for in-depth information on our charger!

EV Android Dashboard - Base Edition

EV Android Dashboard - CleanPowerAuto Upgrade Kit

Fully Assembled and Tested SmartCharge-10000 NON-PFC Charger

Fully Assembled and Tested SmartCharge-10000 PFC Charger

Enclosure & fans for SmartCharge-10000 Charger

Full PCB set for a 12kW / 70A open-source EV charger

Complete SmartCharge-12000 non-PFC component kit, no enclosure

PFC upgrade for SmartCharge-12000 non-PFC charger kit

Pre-Assembly service for non-PFC or PFC EMotorWerks SmartCharge-12000 charger kits