Why convert?

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This is actually two questions in one - (1) why to drive electric? and, once you realize that electric is the way to go, (2) why convert and not just buy a new electric car? 

The answer to the first question is fairly obvious. Suffice it to say that by driving electric, you:

  • Eliminate ~12,000 lbs of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere per year

    • According to the EPA, 1 gallon of gasoline results in 22 lbs of CO2; assuming 22 MPG average, 15,000 miles / year, and 20% of the original emissions remaining to account for electricity generation

    • This is equivalent to magically creating 1.5-2 ACRES of fully grown pine forest! 

    • Or, think about it this way: every 3 weeks you drive a gasoline car, you are chopping down a fully grown pine tree

    • Of course, generating electricity comes with its own pollution. But, consider the following facts: (1) even if the electricity is generated 100% from Coal, an EV is still 40% cleaner than a comparable gasoline car, (2) in progressive states like California, majority of electricity actually comes from clean renewable sources, and (3) whatever pollution still remaining is located in sparsely populated areas - very different from poisoning downtowns of our large cities!

  • Save $3,000-$4,000 every year

    • $3,000 on gas (assuming 15,000 miles / year, 20mpg average, and $4 / gallon)

    • $1,000 on maintenance (electric motor generally has only one moving part and does not require lubrication, liquid cooling, periodic maintenance, etc).

  • Stop throwing your money overseas, sometimes to rather questionable regimes....


The answer to the second question (why convert and not just buy a new electric car) comes down to a couple of things:

  • Most of all, we believe that you deserve choice when it comes to your transportation. The time will come when most of the car brands and styles are available with electric drive option. Unfortunately, this is still 5-10 years away. In the next few years, your choices are rather limited to Nissan Leaf (which, in our opinion, has questionable styling and is underpowered), Tesla Model S (which is rather pricey and is limited in quantity / availability), or one of the exotic $100,000+ electric sports cars. So pretty much for any model / brand today, chances are that you can't get an electric version of what you like - unless you convert your favorite car.

  • Converting a car is much less expensive for the same level of performance. Generally, for the same performance level, conversion will cost less than 50% of a new electric car. The savings come from several sources:

    • We don't have to build a complete new car

    • We design many of the conversion components, saving over 50% of the costs relative to buying from third parties

    • We use proven propulsion technologies that cost significantly less compared to some of the technologies deployed by the current EV manufacturers

  • Converting a car is much better for the environment

    • Specifically, Honda and Toyota themselves estimate the CO2 footprint of a new small car to be between 5,000 and 8,000 lbs of CO2. This reflects transportation of parts, production of the car and transportation of the finished car

    • Then there is an environmental cost associated with disposing of your previous car

    • As a result, buying a new EV when you can convert into one is going against the whole point of driving electric in the first place!

Same points here in more graphical format