The last 4-5 weeks also marked introduction of two new EV component products from EMotorWerks. EV conversion enthusiasts can now buy the first releases of fully built units of EMotorWerks SmartCharge-10000, a 10kW EV charger (previously offered only as a kit), and EMotorWerks EV Dashboard, an Android-based system that monitors, controls, and displays status of all the EV components in the converted car. Initial market response indicates very strong demand from both individual converters and EV conversion companies.  Last but not least, the team has just put online its second 3-series prototype, EMotorWerks-2! The design elements have been evolved based on experience with EMotorWerks-1 over the last few months. This milestone brings EMotorWerks very close to the first limited public release of its conversion solutions later this quarter. The first lucky 10 people from EMotorWerks waiting list will soon be able to enjoy their now-clean, reborn 3-series!