Introducing JuicePlug
a Revolution in EV Charging!


We are extremely excited to launch the most innovative product to date in the EV charging industry - JuicePlug.

JuicePlug is a small, WiFi-connected adapter that attaches to your charging cable and transforms your existing charging station into the smartest station on the market, giving you full anytime / anywhere control, saving you money, and reducing emissions from your charging. JuicePlug requires no tools or assembly, takes 10 seconds to plug in, and is compatible with all EVs and EVSEs on the market.

This new product is the result of our success over the last 2 years of bringing the most innovative and smart EV charging solutions to the market. We launched this product through the Kickstarter crowdfunding site and it's now available for order in our store. Order your JuicePlug today and help us bring the new energy future to everyone! 

                             JP render front angle white