Our Charging Systems


  • Our DC Chargers can be configured for up to 600V 3-phase input AC power and up to 900VDC input DC power and can be configured for up to 800VDC battery voltage 
  • SmartCharge-12000 can now be controlled remotely via serial UART port.
  • Our chargers can  be used to charge CHAdeMO vehicles via our standalone CHAdeMO controller and CHAdeMO cable and plug
  • We provide Assembly Manual videos for our DC Charging Systems in Full HD - along with a new set of Build Materials (80 pages with detailed photos and instructions)! Scroll down to the bottom of the page for all details.

Here is a reference table. Many of these can be further customized and we always are working on the new products so if you don't see what you are looking for below - just ask!

ParameterSmartCharge-12000QuickCharge-25000 LVQuickCharge-25000 HV
Input Voltage - AC 100VAC to 260VAC single phase (standard); up to 600VAC 3-phase as option  260VAC to 480VAC three phase (standard); up to 600VAC 3-phase as option  100VAC to 260VAC three phase (standard); up to 600VAC 3-phase as option 
Input Voltage - DC from 100VDC to 425VDC (Standard); up to 800VDC as option
Input Current up to 50A RMS up to 100A RMS up to 80A RMS
Output Current up to 70A (standard); up to 100A as option up to 100A up to 70A up to 60A
Output Power up to 12kW up to 25kW up to 20kW
Output Voltage 12VDC - 350VDC (standard); up to 800V as option 12VDC to 270VDC (standard, from 240VAC single-phase input); up to 750VDC as option (from 600V 3-phase) - see note #4 below 340VDC to 450VDC (standard); up to 800V as option - see note #5 below 280-410VDC (standard), other ranges available as option
Input / Output termination AWG6 + Anderson SB50  AWG2 + Anderson SB175  Input: AWG2 + Anderson SB175; Output: AWG6 + Anderson SB50
Charger control Automatic pre-programmed charge profile, LCD + buttons manual control, automatic Serial UART control, CHAdeMO (with optional controller)
Topology Boost + Buck Buck Boost Boost + Asymmetric Half-Bridge
PFC YES (on single-phase input only) NO YES (on single-phase input only) YES (on single-phase input only)
Galvanic isolation NO NO NO YES
Weight, lbs 20 20 20 30
Dimensions, inch 11x11x8 15x11x8 15x11x8 18x11x8
Volume, cubic inch ~1,000 ~1,400 ~1,400 ~1,600
Power density, W/in^3 12 18 18 13
Pricing ~$2,000 ~$3,000 ~$4,000

We realize that it still can be a bit confusing to figure out how much power you would really get from this or that version so here are a couple of examples from actual customer orders:

  1. An EV Conversion with a 120V battery pack. SmartCharge-12000 output in this case will be limited by the max output current of 70A (in the standard build), or ~8.4kW
  2. A 25kW CHAdeMO charger with 3-phase 415V input designed to charge a Nissan Leaf. The input peak voltage is 415V * 1.4 = ~600V. Nissan Leaf pack peak voltage is ~400V. Therefore, the right charger choice is QuickCharge-25000 LV. The output power will be limited to max power rating of 25kw since neither input current limit (100A, or ~65kW) nor output current limit (100A, or ~40kW) would be a factor.
  3. At this point, we do not offer a 3-phase PFC product. While this version is in the active development, we expect at least 3-6 months before it becomes available.
  4. For QuickCharge-25000 LV, upper limit on output votage can be calculated as [peak input phase-to-phase voltage MINUS 70V]. In case of DC input peak = average. In case of AC input, peak = 1.4 * RMW phase-to-phase voltage.  
  5. For QuickCharge-25000 HV, lower limit on output voltage is equal to the peak input voltage. For DC, this = input voltage. For AC, this = 1.4 * input RMS phase-to-phase voltage

More details on SmartCharge-xxxxx features

SmartCharge-12000 - a fully programmable, open-source (for non-commercial use) 12-15kW intelligent PFC charger. We take orders for bare PCBs, parts kits, partially assembled units, and fully assembled and tested units.

Specs - see table above


Control methods:

  • Manual - charger can be programmed for any input / output current / voltage at any time in field - no need to do any factory setting!
  • Automatic:
    • J1772 support with automatic power regulation (charger reads and interprets the J1772 pilot signal & limits max power draw to the one suggested by the EVSE)
    • Serial control now available for fully automatic operation. Multiple chargers can be run in parallel, controlled by one simple head unit

Additional features:

  • BMS stop-charge TTL input
  • End-of-Charge TTL output
  • Hardware current limiting
  • Thermal output derating above 55C heatsink temperature
  • Inductor temperature sensing
  • Flexible battery settings: set number of batteries, capacity through a simple-to-use interface

Next steps / future versions

  • Add real time clock for time-of-day charge control - now implemented as a part of the JuiceBox - Open Source 15kW Level 2 EVSE.
  • Implement CANbus control (serial has already been implemented as of August 2013)
  • Implement fast charge communication protocol for Nissan Leaf - COMPLETE - see CHAdeMO controller product in our store
  • Develop a 3-phase high-voltage version (up to 600V 3-phase) - NON-PFC version COMPLETE, PFC version development ongoing now  

For more information and for potential distribution / partnership opportunities around our charger design, please contact us at infoThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Let us know what you think. Any comments welcome!

There is also a lot more cool content on our YouTube channel page - check it out for some inspiration on what's possible!