JuiceBoxTM Green 40

The world's first Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVSE) that minimizes the greenhouse gas emissions of charging an Electric Vehicle


Extending our state-of-the-art line of residential Smart[Grid] EVSEs, JuiceBox Green 40 is a fully compliant J1772 Level 2 charging station with all required safety and charging system features. JuiceBox Green 40 not only brings extremely fast charging and anywhere, anytime status and control, but it also minimizes greenhouse gas emissions by synchronizing the timing of EV charging to periods when your local electric grid offers the cleanest power and highest share of renewable energy. Now your EV can truly become zero-emissions - all the way from the power source. Enjoy average CO2 reductions of up to 60% relative to a typical charging station.





With all connected JuiceBox products, you get 24x7 status and control via our mobile app.

JuiceBox is the only EVSE that affords both direct user control and Smart [Grid] optimization - our JuiceNet platform allows you to reduce energy costs, select a cleaner electricity mix, and participate in grid services rebates that reduce total cost of ownership (in applicable geographies).

Our products use standard power outlets (NEMA 14-50). If you move or travel, JuiceBox goes with you. 



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JuiceBox™ Green 40 - Emissions-Optimized 40-Amp EVSE with 24-foot cable