EMotorWerks Leadership


Our Management Team

Val Miftakhov -  Founder

Val Miftakhov is the Founder of EMotorWerks. He started the company to drive positive change in the World's Energy Efficiency and Sustainability through accelerating electrification of transport. He believes that smart,  affordable, and ubiquitous EV charging will be a major ingredient in attaining these goals.  

Over the last 12 years, Val held a number of executive business strategy & operations positions at Google, McKinsey & Company, and Nielsen. He has also launched and managed three startup companies, in all of which he also held a CTO position. Prior to his industry experience, Val was a High Energy Physics Researcher at a Department of Energy facility (Stanford Linear Accelerator).

Val received his PhD in Physics from Princeton University and his M.S. in Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He was a two-time winner of the Nationwide Russian Physics Competitions. In whatever spare time he gets, Val tries to get a good use out of his airplane and helicopter pilot licenses. 

George Betak - VP, Business Development & Community

George oversees EMotorWerks EV-side business development and Customeer & User Community activities. George brings a wide range of senior connections in EV industry and helps the company position itself in the middle of the dynamic electric transportation market

George is an engineer and a technology enthusiast. George grew up in Southern Germany, and began following electric cars when he was in college. His professional career started at BMW FIZ in Munich, and most recently he has worked with Motorola and Yahoo. George co-founded the San Francisco BayLEAFs EV Owner organization, which focuses on education and public outreach.

George has organized hundreds of EV events and is well known in the EV community throughout the United States. He has developed strong relationships with a number of automotive OEMs and fellow EV companies.

Alexander Gurzhi - Chief Software Architect, Cloud

Alex brings to the team more than 25 years of experience in professional software design and development. He oversees the architecture and evolution of our cloud services and mobile applications.

Alex grew up in Ukraine, where he began coding in his teens and later received M.S. degree in computer systems and networks engineering. His passion for technology and software development brought him to San Francisco Bay Area, where he worked with a number of large and small technology companies for 20 years, most recently with Microsoft, Echostar and Sling Media. His vision, expertise and leadership have been the driving forces behind the success of several complex technology projects.

Recently, Alex discovered a growing interest in EVs, and although he doesn't own electric vehicle at the moment, this is only because he cannot decide if he should get Tesla Model S P85D now or wait for Model X.

Yuriy Tarasov - Software Architect, Firmware & Network Management

Yuriy worked for many successful startups and companies including Microsoft, OnLive, DartStudio, Motorola, and others. He brings over 20 years of experience in software design and development in a wide spectrum of technologies and platforms from cloud services to mobile and embedded devices.

Yuriy received his M.S. in Applied Mathematics from St. Petersburg State University

Julia Miftakhov - CFO

Julia Miftakhov is overseeing all financials of the company. A native Russian, Julia earned a degree in Business Administration and moved to the US in 2001. Since then she gained extensive experience across various roles in Finance and Accounting. For the last 9 years before joining EMotorwerks, she worked closely with the US government funding sources for Small Business Innovative Research.

Most recently, she has held a leading finance position at an Artificial Intelligence Software Company, where she oversaw over 30 long-term government contracts, and a leading finance position at a public pharmaceutical company.

Julia joined our team to pursue her passion of making this world a better place. She believes in making a difference with small steps toward a greener planet. Combination of her passion and experience in finance and marketing will be crucial for accomplishing our mission.

Sergei Morkovine - VP, Sales

Sergei is responsible for overseeing our Global Sales. He manages all our sales channels - from direct web sales to major third-party web storefronts (e.g., Amazon, etc.) to indirect channels such as automotive OEMs, real estate developers, etc.

Sergei has over twenty years of experience in forging strategic channel relationships with partners all over the world.

Sergei is a graduate of the St. Petersburg Polytechnical University, Russia with a B.S. & M.S. in Physics.

Dorian Vargas-Reighley - Director, Production & Technical Support, JuiceBox

Dorian manages production and technical support of the JuiceBox product line, from inventory management to production floor operations to customer experience.

Coming from a very interesting background, Dorian has collected a great amount of EV and engineering experience to date. At the same time, he worked as an engineer and technician with several technology companies - most recently Lightning Motorcycles (the maker of the world's fastest electric racing motorcycle). He's now focused on making grand innovation in the EV world!

Dorian has received an AS degree from Foothill College in database management and attended courses at Stanford University studying physics, business and neuroscience.


Our Advisors

David Arfin -  Advisory Board Member

David Arfin is driven to create innovative finance offerings that accelerate the adoption of clean energy technologies. David invented SolarCity’s SolarLease, the game-changing financing program that enabled over 200,000 homeowners, commercial, and government customers to adopt solar power and drove SCTY to a market capitalization of over $5 billion. He received the first-ever Innovation in PV Financing Award from the Solar Energy Industry Association.

David is also a partner and co-founder of SolarVento (Mexico) and serves on the Board of Directors of Simpa Networks (India), WattzOn (Palo Alto), and is an Advisor to Everyday Energy (San Diego) and UnitedWind. David was co-founder and CEO of GlooLabs (acquired by Cisco), co-founded Flywheel Communications, and was founder and CEO of CLE Group (acquired by PLI).

David received an MBA from the Stanford University a MA in Public Policy Analysis from the Claremont Graduate University and a BA in Political Science from UCLA where he was graduated phi beta kappa.

Aram Shumavon -  Advisory Board Member

Mr. Shumavon has more than 15 years of experience in regulated markets in California and globally with a focus on high penetration Distributed Energy Resources and renewable resources. An economist and political scientist by training, Aram Shumavon is founder and CEO of Kevala, Inc., the initial developer of Kevala’s SPOOL geospatial energy and environmental analysis platform, founder and executive director of the nonprofit Distributed Energy Consumer Advocates, and a strategic advisor on a wide range of energy and sustainability related issues. In those capacities he has helped develop state and federal policy, managed the development of regulatory strategies, and created innovative market infrastructure and policy analysis tools used by governmental entities, environmental advocates, consultants, academics, and electricity market participants.

Mr. Shumavon’s previous work includes more than a decade as a senior analyst and advisor at the California Public Utilities Commission where he headed the state’s analysis of key wholesale electricity market design and environmental compliance efforts and led long term procurement and planning efforts focused on California’s high renewables penetration future and renewables integration strategies.

As an advisor Mr. Shumavon has provided strategic advice on market and technical issues to nonprofits, advocacy organization, government entities, market participants, and academic institutions on energy and sustainability issues. He sits on the boards a number of companies and nonprofits in the energy and environmental space. He has an AB in economics and public policy from the University of Chicago.