EMotorWerks JuiceBox Frequently Asked Technical Questions



  • 1. General Questions
  • 2. Electric Vehicle Compatibility
  • 3. WiFi Connectivity
  • 4. Data and Metering
  • 4. Installation (House) wiring
  • 5. JuiceBox Certification & Safety
  • 5. JuiceBox Upgrades & Calibration
  • 6. JuiceBox Components & Design


General Questions:

  • Q: My JuiceBox clicks on and off when plugged in, and clicks once more when plugged into my EV, is this normal?
  • A: Yes, this is perfectly normal. The main relay is cycling on and off as a self-check when powering on, and it is cycling on to deliver power when your EV is plugged in.
  • Q: My JuiceBox is rated for higher amperage than my EV can accept, will this be safe?
  • A: Of course, the JuiceBox can never exceed the amount of power your EV can take. The two are in constant communication to prevent this. 
  • Q: I need the JuiceBox to draw less power than it is rated for, can I adjust this?
  • A: Yes, this is easy to do. If you have a JuiceBox Pro, you can set your current limit from the application. If you have the JuiceBox Classic, you can set your current limit with trimpot R20. 


EV Compatibility:


WiFi Connectivity:


Data & Metering:


Installation (House) Wiring:


JuiceBox Certification & Safety:


JuiceBox Upgrades & Calibration:


JuiceBox Components & Design: