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"Thanks EMotorWerks for the great and affordable product. We are now a 3 Juicebox household. One for my wife's Leaf, one for my Leaf and one for the plug-share outside the garage." -- John, February 15, 2015 

"Purchased Mercedes Benz B Class 250e three weeks ago. The sale person had one and recommended JuiceBox. Did some research and decided JuiceBox Pro 40a WiFi was exactly what i wanted and best suited for the MB 250e battery. I ordered one right away but had to wait a week for our elecrtician to install a 240 plug in garage. Once the plug was installed we hooked the JuiceBox up. only took a few minutes to get the Wifi connection and mobile app going. It all installed very easily with no problems. The software app allows you to set the charging start and stop times and to also send you email notifications when the unit is plug in, disengaged, starts charging, stops charging, etc. Also, we changed our Electric billing plan from Tiers to time of Use (TOU). The super off peak starts at 10pm and ends at 8 AM. We schedule the charge to start at 10pm and is usually completed with 2 -2.5 hours. We typically start the charge with 25% of the battery charged - based on our daily use. I have looked at many other charging units and very few are at the 40amp rate. I guess if your car battery cant take the spped of the JuiceBox 40, then you could go with something less. I would highly recommend. It works perfectly and was easy to set up. The only complaint I heard from others is there are no indicator lights on the box itself. Don't need them. the mobile app works just fine to tell you what is going on. Great product." -- :), March 4, 2016

"The Juicebox works great.  The quality of the components and assembly was great also. Thanks for a great alternative to the big brand EV chargers." -- R. M. K, January 25, 2015

"HELLO Electric Motor Werks :) The EVSE is amazing - works perfectly.” -- Mark P, November 24, 2014, Westfield, New Jersey

"I'm a statistics geek so this EVSE gets me giddy like a 13 year old girl at a One Direction concert. I think the layout of the online app is fantastic, especially for setting up the time-of-use scheduling. So far I'm also really impressed with the build quality (overbuilt and sturdy!) of the unit and the simplicity of operation. Nearly everything else on the market is made of crappy ABS plastic and has dorky displays that aren't comparable to an app interface. You guys did the right thing by using an app so that periodic updates can be made to improve the user experience over time. I'm looking forward to seeing what you develop over time." -- Emmanuel, September 30, 2015 

“I recently ordered a Basic Juicebox with no cables. I followed all of the appropriate assembly instructions. It powered up, and everything works beautifully. I can now charge my new Mercedes B Class electric car in a fraction of the time that it took me with the dealer supplied charger. The Juicebox also cost me much less than many chargers even though your product has more capability. I love the performance of the unit. Thanks for building such a fine product.” -- Val P., September 14, 2014, Mission Viejo, California

“I ordered and received a Juice Box and it works great!” Glenn F., September 9, 2014, Laredo, Texas

“The Premium Juicebox you guys built is working very well charging my Nissan Leaf.” -- David H., August 11, 2014, Wahroonga, Australia

“My Juicebox assembled, installed and is functioning nicely.” -- Joseph A., August 3, 2014, Woodside, California 

“I have received the Juicebox and its seems to work very good. If some Portuguese need some information about our Juicebox you can give my contact, i will be grateful for help you sale more Juicebox to Portugal” -- Ruben A., July 29, 2014, Barcelos, Portugal

“I wish to thank you and commend you and your team for a wonderful product. I was able to complete my journey from Atlanta, GA to St. Louis, MO (~600 miles) in under 24 hours due, in part, to your JuiceBox. Having the ability to adjust the amperage came in handy a couple of times. Thanks Again!” -- Carl D., June 17, 2014, Auburn, Georgia

“We are from Europe (Lithuania) and we have ordered JuiceBox from you and we are very happy with this product. We want to order a DC charger. We have 2012 and 2013 Nissan leaf models.” -- Kęstutis V., April 10, 2014, Marijampolė, Lithuania

“I have your level 2 juice box charger (which I love) and a 2013 LEAF with the 6.6kw charger option. Does your juicebox charge faster than the EVSEupgrade.com modification to the OEM charger? I got my OEM charger modified for using on the go, and use your juicebox at home but for some reason it seems to charge faster on the juicebox than on my EVSE Upgrade? Is this an accurate observation? I absolutely love the JuiceBox Charger and the work y'all are doing! I always refer other EV owners to your website I think Emotorwerks makes the best charger out there. ” -- Josh R., April 9, 2014, San Antonio, Texas

EmotorWerks Answer to Josh’s question: “Yes, absolutely. The EVSE upgrade tops out at ~3.8kW, while JuiceBox allows full 6.6kw charging that is limited only by the rating of your onboard charger.”

“Unit looks great.  It is nice to be able to charge in a timely fashion and also be able to drive it every day. J It is a gorgeous design where form meets function.  It is one hardy unit.” -- Dwayne S., April 7, 2014, Buckeye, Arizona

“I received 3 Juicebox kits the other day.  I built one of them up for my neighbor down the street and ran a 240VAC circuit out to their garage. It works great.  I think there is a future market for an EV charging equipment installer.  If I ever lost my day-job, I would do that. Imagine how many houses DON'T have an EV charging station in the garage?  That is a huge potential market. I love the continual process improvements you are making.  It gets easier each time I build another kit.  This is my 3rd revision of kit building.  Keep up all the great work!” -- John L., Mar. 1, 2014, Kaysville, Utah  

“Excellent Device! Charges my LEAF with no problems! A++++”, -- James C., Feb. 26, 2014, Hamilton, Ohio

“I'd definitely recommend JuiceBox EV Charging Station to anyone who feels comfortable with how 250V AC wiring works. The fact that it'll provide a 75% full power (non-SuperCharger) charge to a Model S is pretty amazing for its size and cost.” -- Brett, Feb. 24, 2014, Washington

“I purchaced a basic  Juicebox kit from you last week. It is together and working great!” -- Bruce A., Feb. 14, 2014, Mundelein, Illinois

"I am very happy to report JuiceBox is working and is charging my Prius as I write this. Thank you for your help in getting mine working and for a great product. I am very happy to have supported your design as a backer." -- Scott A., Jan 12, 2014, North Port, Florida

"I got my JuiceBox and have already charged the car a few times. So glad I have a faster charger, and one that feels very well made! I have a thread going about the charger on the Facebook Chevrolet Volt discussion board, and hope more people will order these from you in the future.” -- Nicole M., Dec 9, 2013, Newark, California

“Received the unit and it works great! I am able to drive more electric miles, and given our cold weather here, by programming the car, the cabin is warm, via having it plugged in, when I leave.  Thanks for everything and I will let other EV owners know about the advantages of 220 charging.” -- Robert W., Dec. 31, 2013, Waukesha, Wisconsin. 

Mar. 6, 2014 update: "I wanted you to know I received the tax credit for the installation and cost of my juice box (30%). I am very happy with the juice box." 

"Well, the Electric Motor Werks team has come through with flying colors! I received my premium kit yesterday and built it last night… it was worth the wait... that LCD and wifi is awesome!” -- Gregg S., Dec. 27, 2013, Corvallis, Oregon

"Yay! The new firmware v8.7.3 has a basic "menu" function (it even kinda works on my V8.6 boards). It is now possible to set charging current and timer functions via the fob and LCD. Now if we could just get auto-setting of the clock via the wiFly board from a NTP server we'd be all set! Looking forward to the future enhancements in V9. Thanks EMW!" -- Gregg S., Mar 29, 2014, Corvallis, Oregon

“Charging at 26.1 amps (Leaf S with QC option)…many thanks for a great product and a great customer service experience!” -- Patrick A., Dec. 18, 2013, Cumming, Georgia

“I have since ordered and built 2 of your Juicebox kits.  The 2nd one was super easy since you pre-programmed the Arduino and simplified how the power cables attach (no cumbersome header). The Youtube video is awesome.  That was a fantastic improvement in explaining the documentation. I especially like the trick where you make/solder your own loops on the smaller relay control wires. That’s brilliant!” -- John L., Dec. 30, 2013, Kaysville, Utah.

Mar 10, 2014 update: “I have built 5 Juicebox kits for myself and friends/family over the last 6 months. I love how well they operate, allow such fast charging and they cost so little money. Each time I receive a new kit they have made some sort of process improvement. They are easy to build and in my experience, work flawlessly. You can't beat the price. Get one, you won't be disappointed.”

“I plugged it in and presto - charged up my daily drive in about 15 minutes... wow… I'm very impressed to know that I have a faster charger than the public ones in town!!” -- Phil K., Nov 1, 2013, Regina, Canada

"I want to send you and your team a thank you for the JuiceBox kit. I built it yesterday and made my first charge of my Ford Focus EV this afternoon. Nice work!" -- Jack M., Dec 14, 2013, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“I finished installing it and it works great. You can add Ford CMAX Energi to your list of vehicles.” -- Tony K., Dec 14, 2013, Denver, Colorado

“…built with no problems, and charging my C-Max from a 14-30R socket” -- Alan S., Dec. 28, 2013, Morgan Hill, California

“Just finished building the base kit.  Works great…..a fantastic, “boring”, build (Boring is good... large electrical flashes, heat, smoke, and arcs are NOT the good kind of excitement.)” -- Pete W., Nov 5, 2013, Olympia, Washington

“wow.... we are soooo impressed with these.. we saw one that you sold to a customer of ours in Texas.. (assembled)...thanks for ALL that you all do to keep this EV movement going forward !!!” -- Audrey, Nov 8, 2013, Port Saint Lucie, Florida

“…you all rock at Electric Motor Werks for making this kit…” -- Matthew.D., Oct 17, 2013, Gardena, California

“You built THE charger for the EV Industry, congratulations.” -- Hector R., Nov 3, 2013, Mexico

"This charger works like a champ…I am very pleased with it, from the cost to the future capabilities to the sturdy feel.” -- Joel G, Dec. 20, 2013, La Center, Washington

“I just wanted to say how thrilled I am about receiving the basic unit Juicebox! I plugged it in and it has charged for about a week without incident on my Chevy Volt.” -- Mark B., Nov 11, 2013, Newbury Park, California

“JB works great on my 2013 Nissan Leaf. I may even be purchasing more for some friends who may need one. Thank you for this!” -- Ed S., Nov 12, 2013, Kapolei, Hawaii

“I just finished assembling and installing my Juice box. I got everything together and it works great!!  Great product. Glad you found me. Backing you was well worth it.  Good luck.” -- Dexter W., Kickstarter backer, Nov 16, 2013, Concord, Massachusetts

“I received my order (the JuiceBox with cords) yesterday.  It came just as the electrician was finishing up the job of putting 240v in my garage.  Everything is working great.  Thank you again for your assistance and guidance with this EV "stuff".  It was all new to me.  I'll be spreading the good word about your company and products.” -- Tom J., Nov 22, 2013, Morgan Hill, California

“Hi Valery, you are a genius :) just received the charger and am extremely pleased by the quality of parts.” -- Jean Philippe J., Nov 28, 2013, Compton, Canada

“2 months now and I have charged my Volt everyday (sometimes twice) with the JuiceBox. It seems to be working great. I did have one instance of needing to power cycle the unit when it stopped working, but, other than that, I have been very pleased.” -- Casey F., Kickstarter backer, Dec 2, 2013, Milford, Ohio

“Charging my Volt 2.5 times faster on 240, no problems at all with my base Juicebox. Big, Big savings for 240v charging over commercial versions, thanks for creating this great product.” -- Robert G, Kickstarter backer, Dec. 5, 2013, Glendale, Arizona

"I want to thank you all once again for your help, you have been awesome the whole way through. I cannot recommend your products and services highly enough. I wish more companies operated like this one. Thanks again." -- Cliff Sword, Bay City, Michigan, where it was -27' last night and the charger did great!

"Just a note of thanks for the JuiceBox Premium [Pro Plus] unit. I installed it myself, as you can see. The unit is built like a brick house. As you can see in the picture [to the right], it is installed outside, in the weather, and I use it daily. I tilted the bottom forward by two degrees so there would be no liquid accumulation in the inside bottom, something the do-it-yourselfers should consider. 

Works really great, very good quality. Keeps track of charge volumes, the remote works well. I highly recommend it, great value!" -- Michael Overturf, Feb 16, 2015, Washington DC

[Picture of neat installation is on the right ---> ]

"I just wanted to send a note about how wonderfully pleased I am with your product. It appears to function at such an efficient level that I can charge at my home nearly twice as fast as the level 2 chargers scattered about town. I am guessing it has to do with the dedicated breaker, or maybe it is just because the JuiceBox is awesome! It works flawlessly and I can fully charge in about 3.5 hours from near 0. So, please pass this along. Wonderful customer service from you and your company, and a product that delivers just as promised, if not better. I have not had to pay for a charge, other than the pennies added to my electricity bill, since I installed it. " -- Dallas W Humphrey, CEO of Awesome, Mar 21, 2015, Arizona

"Somewhat suprising, but the JuiceBox is completely silent. I like that the JB itself sits freely in the wall mounting clamp so it can be easily removed to take on a journey with me if needed. The charger that came with the vehicle is now in a dry bag in the frunk for emergencies." -- Dwayne Sinclair 

[Installation pictures below (labelled "Dwayne Sinclair")]

"Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for a good product! Plugged it and and click clack it works - no fuzz." -- Jan Andersen, Port Captain, Norden Tankers and Bulkers USA, ME, Apr 24, 2015

"I am using the JuiceBox now for charging my 2015 B-class! It works great and provides a full 10kW to my car." -- Yoron Oren-Pines, San Jose, CA, Apr 26, 2015

"Received my Juicebox 40 Classic this week and installed it Saturday morning. Had to get a down converter plug to go from the 14-50 to a 6-20. Attached everything. Powered it up. Started charging. Works like a champ. Thanks for your good work. Can’t wait ‘til next year when, I hope, I can get a Tesla hooked to this with a new 50 amp outlet installed." -- Bob Mercer, Ram Technical Support, LLC, May 17, 2015

"Just wanted to say Thanks. The JuiceBox Pro 40 works great!  I can’t wait to see updated features and data on both the Android App and the Web app. It would be great to get notifications via my Smartphone from the App itself about the Charging stats, but I am sure you are already working on that. :)"  -- Chris Scahill, May 29, 2015

"I was ecstatic to get my WattBox hooked up and see data for the first time on my old AeroVironment. It's like a blind person seeing for the first time!" -- KK, RE the WattBox




Amazon Reviews


5Easy installation, smooth operation, simple management. Couldn't ask for more.
on January 7, 2016
Just recently bought a JuiceBox Pro. Really nice piece of equipment. Simple installation and setup. Has been running for the past week with no issues at all, and the management of my charging schedule has been very smooth (via the online dashboard). I like this charger a lot. Wish all of my connected electronics functioned so uneventfully.


5Rock solid, easy to use and amazing customer service
on March 3, 2016
So I bought my JuiceBox Pro a few months back, I love it, simply put it does exactly what it says it will do, and does it well. The install was easy, it works well. The app is nice, as is the web portal that lets you monitor your charging history, but you don't really need them once set up. The eGolf has an issue with its charging firmware that won't work with JuiceBox timer (I knew this before I bought the JB), you have to use the golfs timer. EMW reached out to me to let me know that they have a work around for the bad Golf firmware and have offered to update my JuiceBox for me!! That to me is some of the best customer service I have seen...


5This is freaking awesome
on April 12, 2016
Installed this when I upgraded my 2013 Volt to a 2017. After 3 years of level 1 charging, this is magic. Pros: heavy duty, quality product; green option that charges with the cleanest power available on the grid while taking into account my departure times; easy install; portability if I want it; app that lets me track charging data (oooh my inner nerd is so happy happy happy); 40A! (I don't need it now but technology develops exponentially); and finally, if needed, I can just unplug the charger and use the receptacle for other purposes (hello air compressor!) Cons: no pre-set configuration for Chevy Volt. I use the generic EV option and it works just fine Maybe cons: not flashy - utility-driven design. For me this is a pro; for some who want a ClipperCreek or AeroVironment aesthetic, this might be a turn-off


5Super product for a typical EV car
on April 20, 2016
Purchased the 40Amp Juice Box for my 2016 Kia Soul EV. Super easy instructions to install for the wall mount. I previously had a 240 volt 40amp outlet installed in my home. This was all plug and play, as the unit worked the moment I plugged it into the Kia. Note: Just be sure to seat the car connection properly and you will have no issues. I have had the unit now for a few weeks and have no problems at this time. Great type 2 charger for home use. I get a total charge in about 2 hours. Thanks Juice box for a great product. If you need the programmable features on blue tooth, then you can step up to the next model.


5I'm glad I found this when I was in the market for the Charge Point ...
on November 4, 2015
At first I wasn't sure from the looks how it was going to compare, but the app is smooth. It doesn't need to be complicated, and it charges at a higher amperage than any other home charger. I'm glad when I was in the market the charge point wasn't available; which helped me get this one. This is rated higher and it shows it.


5Hot Stuff!
on October 10, 2015
This charges my Fiat 500e very quickly and efficiently. The car has a timer and I can time the charge for when the electricity is cheapest. In our area that is 10pm - 6am. I had a 240 line to my garage but it didn't have 2 neutral wires. It just had a hot and neutral and ground. This charger needs 2 neutral wires, according to the electrician who installed it. This charger is fast and portable because it plugs in.


5No More Charge Anxiety!
on November 4, 2015
This product is amazing!!! I had been using the factory supplied power cord that comes with the car for a year.... It takes forever. I researched all products on the market and chose the JuiceBox 40. I can't express how happy I am with your product. I installed a new dryer plug and a 40amp breaker for under $50. My charge time went from 19.5 hours to under 4 hours. I couldn't be happier, no more "charge anxiety".


5Quality & Service
on September 28, 2015
This EVSE is better than expected. Built like a tank and cables are thicker and stronger than commercial chargers. Works great with my volt and fiat 500. Super fast correspondence, as I had a slightly issue with my cable length and they stand behind their product I highly recommend this charger. You cannot find a 40 amp charger for this price anywhere.


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5High Quality at a good price with customer service
on March 19, 2014
I chose this unit for my new Leaf last week. I ordered it and saw an estimated delivery date ranging out to three weeks. I emailed the seller and they promptly replied and said it was going out priority mail that day. Three days later I had it, and I just finished installing the outlet. I plugged it in and bingo, charging away at 6.6kw. This is a well thought out unit, heavy duty and solid. It is not too heavy and doesn't have bells and whistles. Just perfect. I love it.
8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on October 6, 2014
Verified Purchase
This works great. Charged my a Leaf in less than 4 hours. Glad I bought it.
7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on October 3, 2014
Verified Purchase
This charger was the best one I found for the money. It charges about twice as fast as the ones that came with my Chevy Volt,
and my Plug-in Prius. I like that it charges the Volt quickly without having to change the car setting from 8 amps to 12 amps every
single time I want to charge . (Volt should allow a change to stay if the user wants it that way.) 
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on September 27, 2014
Verified Purchase
It's basics and rugged and works.
(Referring to the base, or classic, JuiceBox unit).
12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on August 31, 2014
This product is TERRIFIC!!!

I bought mine directly from eMW's online store before it was available on Amazon. I opted to get all available options, including WiFi,
Remote, and LCD. Fully optioned, the total cost was close to the price of a Premium Juicebox unit at slightly over $700.

Juicebox Level 2 15kW 60A EV Home Charging Station (Premium Edition) with Input Cable, J1772 50A 25ft Output Cable, and Wi-Fi

With the extremely useful LCD option, some simple modifications to eMW's aluminum enclosure will be necessary. I also upgrade
the output cable so I can charge my RAV4 EV at maximum power (10kW). This results in being able to recharge 10x faster
compared to the OEM charge cord at 120V only. Using the JuiceBox's built in timer (with LCD and Remote options), I can schedule
charging to start after midnight to save money on my electric bill.

I also use my JuiceBox to recharge my VOLT, and I haven't had any compatibility issues with either car whatsoever!

This unit is definitely compact and light enough to be used as a portable EVSE. With one of these in the trunk, your EV will be able
to recharge almost anywhere, and with access to a 240Vac outlet such as available in most RV Parks, MUCH FASTER!

Having WiFi promises to add even more functionality such as a realtime clock and a mobile phone app, which I believe
[Electric Motor Werks] is planning to support in the future.

I highly recommend this product to all EV owners!
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on August 16, 2014
I bught the kit and put it togather myself and used my own cables saved alot. I plan on buying a second one later on. It is great that
it is small and easy to take with me anywhere. Can adjust the amps and plug it in 220 or 110v with adapters. And with the rv plug on
it gives you lot more places you can charge. I recomend it to anyone. I have the miva and the charger that came with it took 22 hrs
to charge. This one cuts it to 7 hrs if car was mt.. my car only charges at 3.4kw but if you car can charge faster it will charge up to
over 24 kw.
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on March 19, 2014
Verified Purchase
I chose this unit for my new Leaf last week. I ordered it and saw an estimated delivery date ranging out to three weeks. I emailed
the seller and they promptly replied and said it was going out priority mail that day. Three days later I had it, and I just finished
installing the outlet. I plugged it in and bingo, charging away at 6.6kw. This is a well thought out unit, heavy duty and solid.
It is not too heavy and doesn't have bells and whistles. Just perfect. I love it.
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on March 13, 2014
I have been using this unit for about 6 months now on my Ford Focus. What most people don't realize is this unit is cheaper and
more powerful than the name brand units that cost 3 to 4 time more. This is a 15kW 60A unit, most cars do only have 5kW charging
system. My Ford Focus has a 10kW charger system and it is a huge increase in charging time. This unit charges by car faster
(2.5 hours) than the ChargePoint units I use at work (3.0 hours). Not sure how this would work on the dual 10kW (20kW)
charging system in the Tesla's.
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on October 19, 2014
Verified Purchase
Best charger for the money! 240x15 KW very fast charging! Simple install 240 plug ready to go!!
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on October 20, 2014
Verified Purchase
Yes Great, Charges my 7.6KWH Battery on my 2015 Ford Fusion Energi, in 2 hrs, where 110v charger that came with car takes
6 plus hours to fully charge from empty.
11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on October 26, 2014
Works great. I have a Chargepoint CT-500 in my garage, but when I added a second EV, I wanted a second EVSE and one that I
could take with me for occasional road trips. This has worked out great.

I noticed another review who gave the Juicebox one star and the rather irate customer expected the plug to work in both 120V and
240V sockets. Really? I have verified the unit DOES work with 120 & 240, but yeah, you are going to need an adapter.
Adapters are available online from loads of sources. Google is your friend.
(If you elect to order adapters from other sources besides EMotorWerks, please be sure they are correct - the JuiceBox requires
some non-standard connections)
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on November 4, 2014
Verified Purchase
It does what it was designed for with ease and at half the price of the name brands. I installed mine for the future with a 50A circuit
so when they improve the autos to take a higher rate of charge cutting the charge time I will be ready. I also signed up for the
ComEd (surburban Chicago area) Real Time Rate. That gives me super cheap electricity during off peak hours so I have my Volt
set up to charge between Midnight and 5 AM. With the Juicebox I get a full charge from empty in 4 hours.
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on November 5, 2014
Verified Purchase
working well basic unit
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on November 10, 2014
Verified Purchase
It works great and is high quality, thank you!
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on November 16, 2014
Verified Purchase
No bells, No whistles just a great fast and dependable Level 2 charger that works as fast as any I have seen. Comes with a 25 ft.
cord and 240 plug. These are extra with most and it is the most powerful charger I have found. 60 Amps, wow. By the way, it only
draws the Amps your EV requires.
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on December 16, 2014
Verified Purchase
The Juicebox is well-built, easy to install and dead simple to use. I have mine charging my 2013 Nissan Leaf 6.6kWh EV and have
had no issues. I had an existing 50A circut in my garage. The receptacle was the wrong variety so I bought a new 50A (14-50R)
receptacle from a home center, wired it all up and we are humming along. The documentation that comes with the ESVE states
that by default they have programmed the Juicebox to only deliver 30A power which is sufficient for the vast majority of all EV's
today. (I believe the only ones capable of using more that that are the Rav4 EV and Tesla's.) For my Leaf 30A was perfect so once
I had the plug ready to go it was as simple as plugging in the Juicebox to the receptacle and then plugging in my Leaf.
Now all I wonder is why I lived a year and a half without a level 2 charger? Get one!
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on January 3, 2015
Verified Purchase
I bought this a while ago from Amazon and pretty much just went about my life. EMW reached out to me after a week or so to
explain that the listing was incorrect on one of the specs and that they were unfortunately back ordered on the J1772 cables.
For the inconvenience they'd send out a mounting bracket and ship everything as soon as it's ready. That was fine by me.
With the cooler temps in the North East this time of year I was hoping to be able to preheat my car more effectively with this
, but this also meant having to install a new outlet and about 25 feet of conduit and cable. Once I got everything wired up,
the EVSE worked perfectly. The cables are nice and thick. They never got warm, nor did the device itself. Fit and finish are solid.
The J1772 plug fit snugly in the car's receptical and it charged this as fast as my C-Max would allow. Sadly that's only 3.3kw
with this car, but for the days where I have plenty of running around to do with stops home in between, this will be a life saver.

Electric Motor Werks communication was spot on when ever there was an update and they shipped fast once they had everything in
. They went out of their way to make up for issues that were out of their control as well.

Thanks [Electric Motor Werks]. Now to get a car with a faster internal charger.
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on January 16, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great product, portable and easy to use. I would recommend this to any EV user, since there are less and less free charging station
out there, so charging at home become a more logical option.
on February 2, 2015
Verified Purchase
Product works great, was easy to install, quality craft man ship. Only draw back product did not arrive as schedule est 15 days late
but seller did include a free wall mount bracket as compensation.
on February 15, 2015
Verified Purchase
Comes with mounting bracket, not pictured. Took ten minutes to mount, plugged it in, and it charged my 2012 Leaf. It just worked.
Can't get much better than that.
review image
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on January 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
It works.

(Unofficial) JB kitty edition! Thanks @kjtten!

Frank O'Brien's beautiful installation - Bainbridge Island, WA

"Is bad ass!" - Ferdie's thoughts on our cross platform control console

JuiceBox roadtrip! Departure...

Charging Stop! Thanks Mr. Grasso!

Nice JB commercial with coiled cables!

Thanks Marion, VA!

Great use of garden hose hanger for J1772 cable storage!

Wireless JuiceBox!


JuiceBox Pro 40 - waterproof wireless awesomeness!

Do you think it's waterproof?? ;-)  As featured in EMotorWerks EVSE Ice Bucket Challenge! 

5 minutes underwater while charging a Leaf from 240V supply - no water entry in the box

JuiceBox Pro Plus 40 charging a Fiat 500e

4 EVs and 3 JuiceBox units!

Temporary Install on a Dryer (10-30) Outlet

Cabinet Install with a 14-50 outlet! See the full install here: Installed two new 14-50 outlets!

Couple JuiceBoxes at the track!

Snow charging, with some WiFi graphs to show!

Dwayne Sinclair's new JuiceBox Pro; and new sub-panel!

Carkeek Park Net Zero Home - full blog: http://greenwoodnetzerohouse.blogspot.com


Bob Mercer's installation - testimonial above.

Donna excited about using her JuiceBox on the go!

Genius - Pelican case as an overall waterproof casing for JuiceBox and cable

Another WiFi JuiceBox + garden hose hanger for cable management!